Takoyaki, beer and awamori you can drink and eat at only 1000 yen Senbero, Takoya-honten

Senbero that you can enjoy tasty beer, awamori and knobs with just one thousand yen. Senbero which has become a boom recently in a pub around the Makishi public market in Naha city. You can drink it for only 1000 yen and you can eat it, so it’s nice to have a wallet. Moreover, you can drink and eat it in a thousand yen, and you can go to drinking in the next bar, so you can drink cheaply and fun at various bars. I found a somewhat interesting bar in a Senbero tavern. It is a Takoyaki shop, but it is also a bar that is doing Senbero. That is “Takoya-Honten”. With just a thousand yen, you can enjoy 3 cups of alcohol, such as beer, chuhai and awamori, and 1 tasty snacks such as Takoyaki and fried chicken. This time I tried Senbero at the Takoya-honten, so I will introduce it to everyone.

The Takoya-honten is located in the good old arcade street, Sunrise Street in Naha city. It is a Takoyaki bar crowded with local high school students and locals all the time. The inside of the shop is a simple structure of table seat and counter. Because it is an open kitchen, it is safe to see the appearance making it.

The inside photo of Takoya-honten width=

Open kitchen

When entering the store, first let you ask a clerk “Senbero” to ask a draft beer. In Okinawa where there are many hot days, cold beer will stain your body. Senbero’s alternative sake is this doll of an elephant. It is kind of cute.

The draft beer and doll of an elephant

I ordered Senbaro’s knob of course Takoyaki. The combination of Takoyaki and beer is also good. A Takoyaki with full of green onion seems to be delicious. It is perfectly compatible with hot Takoyaki and cold beer.

Takoyaki and beer

This is the menu of Senbero. There are also squid grill and fried food besides Takoyaki. Besides beer there are awamori and chuhai in addition to alcohol. We are happy that the menu is plentiful.

the menu of Senbero

There are lots of food menus in addition to SENBERO at the Takoya-honten. Of course octopus grill, as well as yakisoba and okonomiyaki, Konamono in general are complete. There are various menus on the store with pictures, so it’s easy to understand.

Food menu of Takoya-honten

On another day, I enjoyed fried chiken and beer. Of course, fried chiken is also compatible with beer. I drank smoothly. It was delicious.

fried chiken and beer

About Takoya-honten
The Takoya-honten that you can enjoy with freshly baked hot Takoyaki and well-chilled beer with only 1000 yen Senbero. The number of bars that can be drunk in Senbero has increased, but it is this Takoya-honten that you can eat Takoyaki. I would recommend if you like Takoyaki. You can drink cheaply and enjoy it with local people in Okinawa.

Takoya-honten is here ↓

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