Famous long-established Okinawa soba restaurant Takaesu soba, its Nakami soba is also delicious

Even if I say Okinawa soba to a bite, there are many kinds of it unexpectedly. There are various kinds by topping of soba such as Soki soba, Sanmainiku soba, Tebichi soba, Yushitoufu soba and so on. What is surprisingly popular among such Okinawa soba is Yushitoufu soba! The gentle sweetness and softness of Yushitoufu makes a difference in the taste of Okinawa soba. And, if you say the original ancestor of Yushitoufu soba, Takaesu soba. But this Takaesu soba is not just Yushitoufu soba. Nakami soba is delicious and its history is old, it is a popular menu. I went the Takaesu soba this time and have eaten Nakami soba. The Nakami is the pig’s internal organs with Okinawa’s words. It is eaten often in Okinawa as a Nakami soup.

The Takaesu soba is a famous Okinawa soba store in Urasoe city. About 50 years ago, it is a long-established restaurant in Okinawa soba. You can see this sign if you run north on the prefectural Route 251, Pipeline Street by car. This is a landmark.

The sign of Takaesu soba

The interior of the shop is the atmosphere that said it is a cafeteria of Okinawa indeed. This day I came around 3 pm on weekdays, but there were many local customers. As expected it is a popular restaurant.

The interior of the Takaesu soba 2

The interior of the Takaesu soba 1

This is the menu of Takaesu soba. The Yushitoufu soba seems to be delicious, but on this day I ordered the Nakami soba of the hidden popular menu. I was looking forward to what it tastes like.

the menu of Takaesu soba

Well, the Nakami soba came. It looked a delicious soba with scent of bonito flavor drifting.

Nakami soba

First, I would drink a bite of soup. It was delicious soup, was a mild taste without turbidity. It was good to match its noodles well with its mellow soup. The Nakami had been treated politely, it had no smell, it was very soft and easy to eat. As expected, it was delicious soba which was more popular than Yushitoufu soba. Both meat and soup were seasoned with salt only, it was simple, but taste did not get tired. I understand well the reasons of popular shops.

Takaesu soba shop information
Founded 50 years ago, a long-established Okinawa soba shop located in Urasoe city, Takaesu soba. A soup made by faithfully preserving the taste of the original is a simple and mild flavor. It is famous as the original Yushitoufu soba, but it is also good for Nakami soba, so please eat it. Because Yushitoufu is popular, it is often late in the afternoon. If you want to eat Yushitofu soba, I recommend early arrival.

  • Address: 〒
    901-2132 Iso 3-36-2, Urasoe city, Okinawa
  • Open 10:00-18:00
  • Telephone: 098-878-4201
  • Closed: Sunday
  • Parking lot: Yes
  • Price: 720 yen ~ 930 yen

Takaesu soba is here ↓

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