Good rich seafood tonkotsu ramen and tsukemen! Taiki in Naha City

Kokusai-dori is a sightseeing spot in Naha City with many souvenir shops and delicious eateries. There are many delicious ramen shops along Kokusai-dori, and this time we would like to introduce Taiki, a ramen shop that serves rich seafood tonkotsu ramen and Tsukemen.

Taiki is located a little off the side of Kokusai-dori. It is about a one-minute walk from Kokusai-dori Avenue on New Paradise Street. It would be better to check the location with Google Map in advance. You can easily recognize the restaurant by its magnificent signboard, as shown in the photo above.

The restaurant has counter and table seating

The restaurant has counter and table seating, and the atmosphere is cozy and could be used for a date.

Taiki's menu

And this is Taiki’s menu. We can’t begin without trying the restaurant’s standard thick seafood tonkotsu ramen.

Rich Seafood Tonkotsu Ramen with Aji-tamago

This is Taiki’s Rich Seafood Tonkotsu Ramen with Aji-tamago (990 yen). The delicious smell of seafood filled the air. First, I took a sip of the soup. The rich seafood and pork bone flavor that lives up to its name filled my mouth. It was truly a harmony of rich seafood and pork bones. This was so good! The noodles were thin and straight, and it was a good match for the rich soup.


And one of the pleasant things about Taiki is that there are many toppings that can be used to change the flavor in various ways. After eating about half of the ramen, I first added garlic. After all, garlic is a must for pork bone broth! The garlic flavor made it even more delicious. Then, when the ramen was running low, I added a dash of yuzu shichimi. The spicy flavor changed and I was able to enjoy the ramen to the end.

I went back another day to try the thick fish and pork bone tsukemen.

rich seafood and pork bone Tsukemen

This is Taiki’s rich seafood and pork bone Tsukemen. The tsukemen soup was dark in color and looks quite rich. Unusually for tsukemen, the noodles were thin and straight. First, I soaked the noodles in the tsukemen soup well before eating. As it looks, the fish and pork bone flavor was rich, but it was different from ramen noodles. The thin, straight noodles go well with the silky tsukemen soup, which is not a thick soup as is common with other tsukemen.

After eating about half of the tsukemen, I enjoyed changing the flavor. The restaurant’s most popular seasoning change is Shikuwasa Vinegar, so I added it to the tsukemen soup and tried it. I was surprised at how refreshing the taste was. Shikuwasa is amazing! I highly recommend it. For the last few bites, I added fish meal to make it even thicker. It was delicious all the way through.

About Taiki

Taiki is a rich seafood tonkotsu ramen restaurant where you can enjoy various flavor variations. Located just off Kokusai-dori (International Street) on a side street, we hope that both ramen lovers and tourists will enjoy eating here a lot.

Taiki is here ↓

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