"Yaese town"List

I will introduce the beautiful beach of Yaese town Okinawa, the recommendation stores from our local perspective. In addition, I introduce the beach of Okinawa, the famous shop of Okinawa soba, the spot of recommendation etc. on this site. Please have a look.

Roots of Okinawa soba “Toujin soba” is delicious! Uchina-ya in Yaese town

Do you know that there was a soba that became the roots of Okinawa soba? <b id="em">"Toujin soba"</b> called the origin of Okinawa soba was sold in 1902 and developed. It is said that it is now near Okinawa soul food of Okinawa local people. The roots of Okinawa soba, reproduced for the first time in 110 years, "Toujin soba". If you like Okinawa soba, you should definitely eat Toujin soba. There is a restaurant where we can eat such Toujin soba in Yaese town <b id="underline">Uchina-ya</b>. I went to the Uchina-ya soon.

Yachimun Shokudou in Yaese town is reasonably priced and full volume

There are lots of mass eateries where you can eat Okinawa home cuisine such as Okinawa soba, champuru set meal, Nakami soup, etc. at a reasonable price with full volume. A popular dining hall that continues to support Okinawa people stomach appetite. This time I will introduce one such Okinawan cafeteria <b id="underline">"Yachimun Shokudou"</b>. Okinawa home-cooked dishes of all kinds are abundant full volume. It is a perfect cafeteria for lunch and work.

If you stop by Drive in southern part of Okinawa, Gushikami Drive-in is recommended

On sunny days it is nice to drive. Pleasant blue sky in Okinawa, and the drive while watching the beautiful sea is the best feeling. If you drive southern part of Okinawa, there is a drive-in restaurant that I recommend. That is <b id="underline">"Gushikami Drive in"</b>. It is a restaurant that has been loved by many of the locals for many years. The lunch menu unique to Okinawa is rich in volume, said A lunch or B lunch.

Pork cutlet and Soki soba are good with Aguu pig! Nangokutei in Yaese town

"We eat everything except pigs' barks." Okinawa citizen who likes pork like being told. After World War II, Agu, a pig inherent to Okinawa, was almost extinct for a while, but by farmers' efforts in recent years, it has also increased in Okinawa Prefecture. Agu pork that has long been loved by Okinawa citizens. There is a restaurant where you can eat pork cutlet and Soki soba with such Agu. That is <b id="underline">"Nangokutei"</b> in Yaese town. Agu pigs raised carefully on their own farms are completely different from ordinary pork. I ate such an excellent pork cutlet and Soki soba.

Refreshing Okinawa soba of Shimabukuya in Yaese town is perfect for hot summer in Okinawa

The sunny sun with a brisk appearance. Sweat that will not stop as soon as you walk outside. The sun in Okinawa in summer is murderous sunshine and tends to get down to the heat. My appetite is gone. But at such times I will want to eat Okinawa soba. The appetite falls, there is Okinawa soba restaurant which is perfect for the hot summer of Okinawa. It is in Yaese town <b id="underline">"Okinawa soba specialty restaurant Shimabukuya"</b>. It is a pig bone base soup, but it is perfect for the summer of hot Okinawa with refreshing taste. This time I will introduce the delicious Okinawa soba shops to survive the hot summer.

Okinawa soba with plenty of seaweed Asa of Okinawa special product in an old private house built more than 100 years, Yagiya

Delicious Okinawa soba which you can have in an old private house more than 100 years of history. That is <b id="underline">Yagiya</b>. Yagiya is a historical old private house designated as a registered tangible cultural property of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. It is Okinawa soba with plenty of Okinawa's unique seaweed "Asa" at such an old private house. Asa soba that you can feel the scent of the sea in Okinawa. I went to Yagiya to eat such Asa soba.

I have been snorkeling at the Okinawa secret beach only locals know, Hanashiro Beach in Yaese Town

It is a secret beach whose only local Okinawa people know remains unchanged, the natural sea of Okinawa remained intact. That is <b id="underline">Hanashiro Beach</b> in Yaese town. I have been snorkeling at Hanashiro Beach where such nature's charm of Okinawa packed a lot. It was sunny this day, it was very nice weather and I enjoyed swimming. I also took a snapshot of the snookeling, so please have a look.

You can eat a rare flying fish soba and goat meat sashimi easily at the road station Yaese

Main road in the southern part of Okinawa, National Route 331. Roadside station along that main road is <b id="underline">"Eastern road station Yaese"</b>. It is located near the sightseeing places of Okinawa, such as Seifaa Utaki and Himeyuri Tower. It is a road station that is convenient to drop in on the way of driving. It is a little rare that you can eat a flying fish Soba and goat meat Sashimi (called Hiija in Okinawa dialect). It is the only place where you can eat a flying fish Okinawa soba! I also wanted some people who like Okinawa soba to eat the flying fish soba.