I introduce delicious restausants, shops and sightseeing spots in Onna village, Okinawa with local attention. On this site, I also post other Okinawa beaches, Okinawa soba’s famous shops, recommended places etc. from the local’s eyes. Please have a look.

We ate great lunch buffet at Sun marina hotel in Onna village!

There are many resort hotels in Okinawa. Eating delicious lunch buffet at such a resort hotel is also a secret fun of Okinawa citizens. Lunch Biking at a resort hotel which is somewhat different from everyday life. Actually, did you know that Okinawan citizens can eat Hotel buffet at little bit great price? That is "Churatoku". If you make a reservation in Churatoku, you can enjoy various hotel buffing a little with advantage. This time we have enjoyed lunch buffet at a long-established hotel in Onna village, Sun marina hotel at great price.

Okinawa beach which is perfect for walking even in winter, Hamabaru beach in Onna village

It is fun to swim with tropical fish on the beach in summer Okinawa, but the Okinawa sea in winter also has a different feeling and is comfortable. This time I will introduce the Okinawa beach which is perfect for walking even in winter. Especially when the weather is good, the wind is comfortable and you must feel good. There are few people, perfect for a couple. In the evening you can see the beautiful setting sun, and enjoy the ocean sea without swimming. Please feel free to enjoy shooting the atmosphere with the movie

A long-established restaurant SEASIDE-DRIVE-IN being loved in Okinawa for over 60 years

A long-established restaurant being loved in Okinawa for over 60 years, that is SEASIDE DRIVE IN. As the name of the restaurant, it is right next to the beautiful beach of Onna village. It is a long-established restaurant that has long been popular among US military officials as well as our locals since the US military rule era before Okinawa returned to Japan. The founder who had entered and exited the US military base saw the restaurants in the base and liked it, imitated that style and opened the restaurant. Since all dishes can be taken out, there are many Okinawa peaple while stopping in the middle of the drive.