"Naha city"List

I introduce delicious restausants, shops and sightseeing spots in Naha city, Okinawa Prefecture, with local attention. On this site, I also post other Okinawa beaches, Okinawa soba’s famous shops, recommended places etc. from the local’s eyes. Please have a look.

A long-established Yoneya that combines the same taste for half a century, Awamori, Oden and Okinawa soba are excellent!

Prefectural office location that is the center of Naha city. Close to this central location, close to Kokusai-dori, there is a long-established Okinawa Oden restaurant that retains the same taste for over half a century. That is Yeneya. It is a rare old-fashioned red tile house store in the center of this Naha city, and it is a well-established izakaya that people who know to continue to provide traditional Okinawan oden.

There are a lot of delicious lunch menu with perfect heart! Cafeteria Crystal in Naha city

There is a cafeteria that has been loved by locals for over 24 years in Naha City. The cafeteria crystal has full of delicious lunch menu. There are a lot of office workers working nearby during the daytime on weekdays and a family in the coffee shop on weekends. This time, I will introduce you to a delicious cafeteria crystal, which has a rich menu and is full of heart.

Recommended for Korean lovers Senbero pub “Gamihonten”

Not only the Makishi Public Market in Naha City, Senbero Tavern has gradually increased With the increasing variety of Senbero taverns, it has become fun to drink and drink. Meanwhile, Senbero Tavern, which offers Korean cuisine, has opened near Makishi Public Market. That's Gamihonten. It is a Senbero pub recommended for Korean lovers. I have been drinking several times, so this time I would like to introduce the Gamihonten.

100 meals a day only! Okinawa soba of old-fashioned good Kikuya in Naha city

Okinawa soba restaurant like a hiding place quietly standing in a quiet residential area of Naha city. It is today's "Kikuya". Kikuya is a Okinawa soba shop where you can eat delicious old Okinawa soba that celebrities visit. Okinawa soba made carefully is 100 foods a day only. I have been eating the precious Okinawa soba, so I will introduce it to everyone.

Cheap and delicious Okinawan cuisine restaurant Mikasa in the city center of Naha

There is a cheap Okinawan cuisine restaurant even in the city center of Naha. That is Mikasa. It is a well-known mass eatery which has been operating in Naha city for more than 50 years. The cuisine made by Okinawa Ammar (meaning lady in dialect) is a simple and gentle taste of home-cooked Okinawa cuisine. And the price is reasonable and it is a wallet-friendly restaurant. I ate lunch in Mikasa with my children along the stroll in Naha. This time I will introduce about Mikasa like that.

Tuna bar WAIWAI in Sakae town, Naha-shi, the fresh tuna cuisine and liquor are good!

Okinawa boasts the catch of one of Japan's best tuna. "Tuna bar WAIWAI" located in Sakae town Naha-city is a restaurant where you can eat dishes using fresh tuna landing in such a sea near Okinawa. It is a delicious tuna dish bar that used fresh 'Churaumi Tuna' caught in Okinawa near the sea. At the end of the year, we had delicious tuna dishes and liquor at the tuna bar.

Hamburger steak with a lot of gravy and black curry are exquisite! Nuji Bonbon Z

Hamburger steak with volume full of homemade and delicious meat juice. And it won the Naha Curry Grand Prix winning black Curry. A restaurant that can eat such tasty dishes is located in Naha city "Nuji Bonbon Z". It's a bit strange and funny restaurant name, but its dish is definitely excellent. Since I ate lunch in "Nuji Bonbon Z", I will introduce this restaurant.

I went to the 42nd Okinawa Industrial Festival!

I went to the Okinawa Industrial Festival where all the products and services of local companies that are closely related to the life of Okinawa come together. Familiar companies looking at TV commercial on a daily basis, as well as companies that are found at supermarkets and convenience stores, shops that have heard names, products of unfamiliar companies, etc. Okinawa Industry festival that we can experience products and services of various companies and shops active in Okinawa at once! It was fresh and fun just looking at the stalls and shops that are completely different from the regular festival. This time I will introduce the state of such Okinawa industry festival for a brief moment.

Mikado in Naha City where you can easily taste Okinawan home cuisine

A well-established dining restaurant where we can easily taste more than 30 kinds of Okinawan home cuisine such as champloo and simmered dish. That is in Naha city "Mikado". You can eat homemade home cooking of Okinawa's aunits at a reasonable price. Because it is open from early morning until late at night, it is a popular dining hall for Okinawa people and taxi drivers on the way home from work. It is also famous as a restaurant of the original Okinawa Champon.

Agu pork cutlet and Senbero also good! Cochon in Naha city

If you come to Okinawa as much as you can, you would like to eat pork cutlet of Agu pig. Gentle taste It is completely different from ordinary pig pork cutlets, which is a crispy pork cutlet of Agu pig. A restaurant that Agu pork cutlets are delicious, "Cochon" in Naha city. We are happy that Cochon also does Senbero that you can drink 3 alcohol and knob at 1,000 yen. Delicious pork cutlet and beer can be eaten together. This time I will introduce such a Coshon.

I ate a lot of sweets lunch buffet at Naha Loisir Hotel

Happy Senior Day is near, so I occasionally went to eat delicious with my parents. Since I go out with my parents after a long absence, I went to eat Hotel Buffet, which I have never been to. So we chose Loisir hotels in Naha. It is a hotel near Naha harbor, but I have never be before. We ate a lunch buffet at such a restaurant at Loisir Hotel "Fontaine".

Okinawa soba and champuru set menu that can be eaten at cheap rates in Naha airport, Kuukou Shokudou

Okinawa's Air gateway, Naha airport. It is the gateway connecting Okinawa and Japan, and the world. Tens of thousands of people use every day. It seems that most of people coming to Okinawa sightseeing use it. Although it is such Naha airport, there are many souvenir shops, and unfortunately there are few restaurants recommended. Because of the tenant fee at the airport, the current situation is that there are few restaurants that can be easily casually eaten because of a higher charge. Although it is such a Naha airport, there is a mass cafeteria used by airport officials. With that name as it is, "Kuukou Shokudou (Airport cafeteria)". At the Kuukou Shokudou, you can eat Soki soba and champuru set menu of Okinawa standard at reasonable prices. It is recommended for people who are not satisfied because the price of airport restaurant is expensive.

Teianda is Okinawa soba shop in Naha, its homemade handmade raw noodles that took time and is good

Homemade hand-made raw noodles that took time and effort, soup that is delicious taste clearly. Such Okinawa soba can be eaten in Teianda in the new city center of Naha city. Teianda is Okinawan dialect, and it means the fat of hands when literal translation is done. It makes sense to cook with all my heart spending so much time as to soak my hands. I ate delicious Okinawa soba made with homemade hand-made raw noodles that took time to make.

Kokusai-dori Yatai-mura with fun drinking and eating with families, introducing Tontonmi with good pork cooking

A new sight which is in the back street a little from Naha city international street (Kokusai-dori), it is Kokusai-dori Yatai-mura (International street stall village). At Individual stall we can enjoy tasty dishes making use of Okinawan ingredients and liquor. There are lots of stalls offering 3 cups of liquor and knobs set for a thousand yen (Senbero), and you can drink from lunch even more. As it is an open atmosphere, even a family with a small child can go to drink at the International street stall village. Tontonmi where we can be enjoyed cooking using pork made in Okinawa Prefecture from such International street stall village. I brewed beer with my child from lunch time on holiday.

Lunch drink and late night drink OK! SENBERO and fried skewered are also good En-Dining

There are many cheap and good taverns around Makishi public market in Naha city. Senbero, which has a set of three alcohol and knobs at only 1,000 yen, is a very happy system for Okinawans who love alcohol. Of course tourists can also eat delicious beer and knobs at Senbero. If you come to sightseeing in hot Okinawa, you would like to have a cold beer at Senbero Izakaya from noon. Senbero Izakaya is perfect for lunch and last drink at the end of the night En-Dining. It is an izakaya where you can enjoy sake and knob cheaply at Senbero from 3 o'clock in the day until 12 o'clock in the evening.

Fresh sashimi, fish dish and delicious beer you can enjoy at 1,000 yen! Cost performance preeminent Uobou near Makichi Public Market

Senbero Izakaya continues to increase in Naha's international street and around the Makishi public market. Senbero that you can enjoy 3 cups of alcohol and a good knob with only 1,000 yen is a wonderful system for drinkers, which is gentle to wallets and our stomachs. Since the knobs vary from bar to Izakaya, it is interesting to enjoy the taste of each restaurant. In the meantime, a shop where you can enjoy fresh sashimi, delicious fish dishes and delicious beers with 1,000 yen, Uobou. Because it is directly managed by the fresh fish shop, you can drink a good beer with a fresh sashimi. I will introduce such Uobou.

If you want to eat delicious Ikasumi (squid ink) soup, Uomaru in Naha city recommended

Okinawa Island surrounded by the sea. Okinawa is only subtropical climate in Japan and has many kinds of fish different from mainland Japan. And there are also many Okinawan original dishes using fish from Okinawa. Among such unique fish dishes in Okinawa, is not it "Ikasumi soup (Squid ink soup)" famous for being televised on TV? Ikasumi soup that became black in a squid. Ikasumi's unique umami and richness will not be forgotten once you eat it. And if you want to eat delicious Ikasmi soup set menu, Uomaru in Naha city is recommended. It is the restaurant operated by fishmonger directly, you can eat fresh fish dishes at reasonable prices. This time I will introduce the Ikasumi soup set menu of Uomaru to everyone.

Excellent cost performance pretty hideaway SENBERO Izakaya Shimoji near Kokusai dori (International street)

Senbero Izakaya continues to increase in Izakaya around Naha international street and Makishi public market. Senbero that you can enjoy 3 cups of alcohol and a knob with just 1,000 yen is a wonderful system friendly to the locals wallet who love drinking. In November 2017, a new bar joined such a Senbero Izakaya. That is Shimojiya. There are 3 cups of drinks and 2 knobs for just 1,000 yen, it is a pretty good cost perfomance izakaya</b>. From the Makishi public market, we can also enjoy good Senbero menu in a pretty hideaway SENBERO Izakaya Shimoji.

If you want to eat delicious Chinese cuisine, Yang Kyou Fang in Naha city is recommended! Lunch is good and profitable, plenty of volume

Do you want to eat delicious Chinese cuisine? You'd like to eat lots of stomach at a great price at authentic Chinese cuisine, don't you? Yang Kyou Fang where is the Chinese restaurant and recommended in such situation in Naha city. Boasting tremendous support in the business district of Naha city, it is a popular restaurant where you can eat authentic Chinese cuisine. Especially at lunch, you can eat authentic Chinese cuisine with plenty volume at reasonable price. If you want to eat Chinese food full of stimulus and umami, Yang Kyou Fang is the BEST!

Delicious Okinawa soba to taste at a beautiful old private house surrounded by greenery, Suumanume

There are plenty of delicious Okinawa soba restaurants. But if you eat delicious Okinawa soba, you would like to taste it at a beautiful old private house surrounded by greens. A courtyard that is being carefully kept by old good houses full of good old Okinawa emotions. Such a Okinawa soba restaurant is "Suumanume". It's a delicious Okinawa soba restaurant where bonito is firm. This time I will introduce Suumanume.

At The Golden Swallow you can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine with a handy charge

Sometimes you want to eat delicious Chinese cuisine that is exciting and matches well with beer. You would like to pour a delicious beer into your body with the knobs of authentic Chinese cuisine. You would like to enjoy a lot of Chinese cuisine and beer with a handy fee if possible. A perfect restaurant is "The Golden Swallow" at such time. It is a restaurant that you can eat authentic Chinese cuisine with the ingredients of Okinawa at easy prices. I ate the Chinese food that goes well with beer and alcohol at The Golden Swallow.

Soriano a small bar of delicious Belgian beer in Sakaemachi Naha city

Sakaemachi shopping street where Okinawa emotion remained remarkably, it is Sakaemachi in Naha city. The atmosphere of Okinawa's good old shopping area we can still feel now. Although it is such Sakaemachi, there are many interesting drinking bar, and it is crowded with many Okinawa alcoholic drinkers. There are many interesting drink shops in such Sakaicho. In such circumstances there are small bars which are popular No.1 Belgian beer in Japan, Hoegaarden beer we can drink deliciously. That is Soriano. Although it is a small bar for standing drinking, you can drink Hoegaarden Beer at a profitable rate of 400 yen.

Delicious Okinawa soba to eat in a fashionable cafe in Tsuboya, EIBUN

Speaking of Okinawa's lunch, it is Okinawa soba after all. Okinawa soba is building a firm position in the lunch of Okinawa so that it can no longer be a citizens' food. You can eat Okinawa soba in most popular cafeterias in Okinawa. Each restaurant has its own recipe, and you can eat delicious Okinawa soba with various tastes. The shop that offers Okinawa soba is mostly a cafeteria, a common-people atmosphere, in a nice sense old shops are not very clean. Meanwhile, Okinawa Soba EIBUN in Tsuboya you can eat delicious Okinawa soba in a stylish cafe-style shop. This time I will introduce such EIBUN.

A small stall-style bar located in the back street of the Makishi public market, Tengokusakaba Ebisuya

The Senbero has become familiar all around Naha city's tourist attraction, Makishi public market. The Senbero is a profitable set menu with 3 drinks and a knob for a thousand yen. You can drink and eat at a thousand yen easily, you can also go to the next bar, and you can also drink and eat in Senbero. I have introduced a lot of wallet-friendly Senbero taverns on my website so far. Senbero's leading bar Adachiya, enjoy Takoyaki and draft beer at Takoya, the combination of tacos and draft beer is good Tacos Tacos and so on. There are truly unique izakaya. This time I will introduce a small stall-filled bar quietly standing in the backstreet of the Makishi public market, Tengokusakaba Ebisuya

A cheap and great popular cafeteria in Tsuboya, Tsuboya-no-shokudou

One of the tourist attractions of Naha city, Tsuboya Yachimun Street. This place famous for Yachimun (Okinawa's unique pottery) is a popular tourist destination where the good old atmosphere of Naha remains. If you like pottery, it is fun to explore your favorite cup and plate while walking around. There is a popular cafeteria of good old and cheap, tasty and great volume in the Tsuboya of such a good old downtown as well. It is introduced this time "Tsuboya no Sobaya". It is exactly the name of the dining room, but there are lots of cheap and delicious set meals besides Okinawa soba. This time I will introduce such a Tsuboya no Sobaya.

Homemade delicious Yushi tofu set meals you can eat at Nanahoshi restaurant in Shuri Naha city

What is different from Japanese tofu is Okinawa shima-tofu. The reason why it can be used for stir-fry like Champloo is the hardness of the shima-tofu itself and the taste of the soybean flavor. Even after stir-frying, it does not collapse, and only the shima-tofu in Okinawa matches the unique ingredients like goya. There is a restaurant where such Okinawa shima-tofu is cheaply deliciously eaten. That is Nanahoshi shokudou. Every day you can eat delicious tofu dishes made in handmade homemade. A homey gentle taste that will make you want to go every day. This time I will introduce such Nanahoshi shokudou.

Le Bon Gout where goat dishes can be deliciously eaten with French & Italian

What do you imagine when you hear Okinawa cuisine? There are a lot of local cuisines representing Okinawa, such as Okinawa soba, champloo, taco rice and pig meat. In such circumstances, do not forget, so goat food. Okinawa cuisine that is so unique smell that it makes it easy to separate likes and dislikes from clearly even in Okinawa locals because of an intensely animal smell. Speaking of goat cuisine, most are Hiijaa (Goat soup filled with all internal organs) or goat's sashimi. I found a very interesting restaurant in such a situation. Le Bon Gout is a bistro that merged goat dishes with French & Italian cuisine. The store name seems to be French meaning "delicious goat". As its name suggests, it is a restaurant where you can eat delicious goat dishes. Especially it is recommended for those who are not good at goat dishes. Because my friends who were not good at goats were saying it was delicious.

Tacos, Tacorice and draft beer are good, Parlor TacosTacos

Speaking of B class gourmet unique to Okinawa, there are many such as Okinawa soba and champloo. There are lots of delicious cafe with beautiful scenery, so you will not be sure where to eat lunch. In such a time, how about tacos and draft beer? In Parlor TacosTacos in Sunrise street where the atmosphere of the downtown of Naha city remains, you can eat good tacos, taco rice and draft beer. Besides, only 1000 yen, there are also 3 cups of alcohol, tacos and special cuisine with easy-to-go snacks. You can enjoy tacos and draft beers deliciously.

Takoyaki, beer and awamori you can drink and eat at only 1000 yen Senbero, Takoya-honten

Senbero that you can enjoy tasty beer, awamori and knobs with just one thousand yen. Senbero which has become a boom recently in a pub around the Makishi public market in Naha city. You can drink it for only 1000 yen and you can eat it, so it's nice to have a wallet. Moreover, you can drink and eat it in a thousand yen, and you can go to drinking in the next bar, so you can drink cheaply and fun at various bars. I found a somewhat interesting bar in a Senbero tavern. It is a Takoyaki shop, but it is also a bar that is doing Senbero. That is "Takoya-Honten". With just a thousand yen, you can enjoy 3 cups of alcohol, such as beer, chuhai and awamori, and 1 tasty snacks such as Takoyaki and fried chicken. This time I tried Senbero at the Takoya-honten, so I will introduce it to everyone.

You can enjoy adult date at Bourbon club, the recommendation bar on Kokusai-dori

There are many izakaya which we can enjoy cheap and delicious sake on Kokusai-dori (international street). Up to this point, I have introduced a lot of Senbero taverns with 3 drinks and a knob at only 1,000 yen on this site. Senbero is cheap and tasty to drink. But sometimes you may want to quietly enjoy alcohol in an adult atmosphere. In such a case, the recommended adult bar is "Bourbon Club". It is behind the Kokusai-dori, it is an adult bar where you can feel free access not only to the Okinawa locals but also by tourists. You can enjoy tasty cocktails and bourbons in an unusual atmosphere like a movie's one scene.

Arakoya in Sakaemachi Naha city is a meat izakaya Okinawa people love

We Okinawa people love meat. A pork tavern that grabs such hearts of Okinawans who love meat is <b id="underline">Arakoya</b> in Sakaemachi, Naha city. Particularly, the signboard menu charcuterie assortment is exquisite. we are happy to choose the size according to the number of people. The Arakoya in Sakaemachi representative of Okinawa. In such Arakoya I ate a signboard menu charcuterie platter and skewer.

If you want to eat delicious soy sauce ramen in Okinawa, Naka shouten

In Okinawa it has recently increased the number of delicious ramen shops. There are an increasing number of delicious ramen shops such as rich pork bone soy sauce ramen Ie-kei, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen, Tsukemen, etc. Okinawa soba shops only in the past but there were no ramen shops, the times are changing in the direction. I am glad that I like ramen. In such circumstances, it is delicious soy sauce ramen that I can not find unexpectedly. There are many stores of pig bone (Tonkotsu) ramen and tsukemen, but I did not see soy sauce ramen. In the meantime, finally I found a delicious soy sauce ramen shop. That is "Naka shouten". It is a full-fledged soy sauce ramen with thick soy sauce in Yuasa Town, Wakayama Prefecture.

A cafe restaurant operated by a well-established miso maker of over 160 years ago, Misomeshiya Marutama

A café restaurant of particular attention that Okinawa's only Miso maker surviving World War II. That is "Misomeshiya Marutama". It is a long-established miso maker founded 160 years ago, and it seems that Miso and soy sauce were made as Miso collection of wishes also in the Shuri dynasty period of the past. Aspergillus which survived the battle of Okinawa, still making delicious miso and soy sauce. I have eaten the taste of such a long-established miso dishe at Misomeshiya Marutama.

Oden-no-Todai a long-established Oden bar in Sakaemachi Naha, you can relax with Okinawa Oden

People who know it, Okinawa local's perfectionistic Oden bar. There are old-fashioned oden bar that have been loved by locals in Naha City for over 60 years since their establishment. "Oden-no-Toudai" that is near Sakaemachi public market. The delicious Okinawa Oden and the famous baked Tebichi, which have been used for a long time, have been used extensively since their foundation. I was enjoying delicious cuisine and beer at a long-established Oden bar where a relaxed time flows. If you drink in Sakaemachi, Oden-no-Toudai is recommended for the second and third dirinking bar.

If you drink in Naha Adachiya is BEST! Three cups sake and a knob at 1,000 yen SENBERO

If you drink in Naha, where is the best tavern I can recommend? It is Adachiya is the first thing to come up when I am asked. It is a profitable set with 3 drinks and delicious knobs at only 1,000 yen SENBERO and it is a senior executive who has spread to Okinawa. Not only the Okinawa locals, but also many tourists visit the busy crowd from the morning is. In the past, I introduced such an Adachiya. Actually, there is also "Kakuuchi Sakaba Adachiya" that you can enjoy drinking. This time I will introduce Kakuuchi Sakaba Adachiya. Of course, there are 3 cups of sake and a delicious knob at 1000 yen SENBEERO set.

This is Okinawa dining hall! The Yanbaru-shokudou is cheap and full of stomach

For over 43 years, Okinawa dining hall has been supporting Okinawa people's stomachs from students to elder men. That is Yanbaru shokudou. We can eat Homemade style dishes of Okinawa's mothers full. The nearby Okinawa University students, high school students, working guys and to tourists recently are also crowded with lots of people. I was hungry and have eaten A lunch of Yanbaru Shokudou.

Tatsuya a cheap and good yakitori stand located in the deep backstreet of the Makishi public market

Makishi public market area where there are many pub and bars where cheap and good drinks can be enjoyed. Recently, it has become a sacred place for drinking in Okinawa. If you walk around here, you will find cheap, happy and enjoyable pubs and drinking houses. I found a Yakitori stall in a deep backstreet even in the Makishi public market area. That is "Tatsuya". It is a delicious yakitori stand with Okinawa's Yanbaru young chicken. Of course, there is also Senbero that 3 cups of drinks and yakitori were set at 1,000 yen. This time I will introduce a bit of a deep Yakitori stand "Tatsuya".

Cheap delicious Okinawa soba shop Makishi soba near Makishi public market

Staple of Okinawa's lunch, Okinawa soba. Okinawa people and people who visited Okinawa prefecture as well as sightseeing, it is easy for them to eat deliciously in Okinawa. This time I will introduce shops that we can eat 390 yen super Cheap Okinawa soba. "Makishi soba" is near the Makishi public market where many citizens of Okinawa and tourists visit. Cheap and delicious Okinawa soba of 390 yen. It is a shop near Okinawa soba with the best cost performance.

Speaking of Okinawa popular dining hall Ayagu-shokudou, cheap, good and volume full scale

Speaking of Okinawa dining hall, it's cheap, delicious and full of volume. A famous dining hall in such a classic Okinawan cafeteria, Ayagu shokudou. Reasonable prices for all menus below 1,000 yen, delicious home cooking for Okinawan mothers, and a volume that can not be eaten. At such Ayagu shokudou, I also ate Okinawa's classic lunch menu, A lunch. It was pretty difficult because it was over volume full score. This time I will introduce the Ayagu shokudou.

Kenpar-subaya’s Okinawa soba is a transparent soup with a high degree of completeness

Clear soup that seems to be able to reach the bottom of the vessel, straight and easy to eat fine noodle, amazingly soft cartilage pig meat, surprisingly high-quality Okinawa soba can be eaten at "Kenpar-subaya". If you drink a bite of soup that is refreshing and clear, you will know the high degree of its completion. Easy taste soup can be deliciously eaten even in hot summer, even in winter which is not so cold.

Kushiage bar Tomogara in International Yatai village is also delicious with Kushiage and beer

New sightseeing in Naha city Kokusai-dori (international street), international street Yatai village. There are many food stalls that you can enjoy cheaply with delicious dishes and alchol that made use of Okinawan ingredients, and is an adult oasis in the city. Of course, there are many stalls where you can enjoy Senbero that you can enjoy sake and knob at only a thousand yen, and you can drink from lunch. I went to Kushiage bar Tomogara of such international street Yatai village. It is recommended because it is cheaply easier to drink beer deliciously from noon.

Kadoya Okinawa soba restaurant established over 60 years ago if you want to eat Okinawa soba on Kokusai-dori recommend here

It is "Kadoya" that is a long-established store that keeps delicious Okinawa soba from the time it was still a black market after the World War 2. It is a long-established Okinawa soba shop who has kept watch over the international street (Kokusai-dori) of Naha City for more than 60 years. Since there are many Okinawa soba shops on International Street, you will notice which shop you would like to eat. In such cases this Kadoya is recommended. You can eat traditional Okinawa Soki soba long after being loved by local people.

Rich Tonkotsu ramen and friendly gentle salt ramen are delicious, Tondou

"We want to make ramen culture root in Okinawa." It is Tondou that keeps making Ryukyu new ramen with such a hot belief in Okinawa. They love Okinawa, they also like ramen, they are trying hard to root Okinawa Ramen (Ryukyu Shinmen). Recently it seems that a new shop has opened in Taiwan as well as in Okinawa. Ryukyus Shinmen has started to enter not only Okinawa but also Asia. I ate such Tonkotsu ramen (man taste) and salt ramen (female taste).

Homemade noodles are good match with rich soup, Daitou soba in Naha

Soup which is rich and often has strong taste of soup stock, squeezed thick homemade noodles is the best match for soup with a rich taste. That is in Naha city Daitou soba. Homemade noodles freshly made everyday have a firm consistency in good texture. Soup is rich and good noodles are rare enough to want to eat asexually from time to time! I will introduce about Daitou Soba on this page.

Popular taverns Densuke showten we can enjoy drinking from noon in Naha city Okinawa

The shopping street of Naha city where the atmosphere of the Showa era remains, Sunrise Naha shopping area. It is further down from the Kokusai-dori (international street) and Makishi public market, and the shopping district where the atmosphere of the downtown of Naha city remains remarkably. In such a showa shopping district of Okinawa, a popular tavern that you can easily casually drink Densuke showten. "I hope you enjoy the standing and drinking casually", the shop feeling that the feeling of the shop feels in the front. Beer is delicious, and the selection of Japanese sake are considerable. I enjoyed drinking at an Densuke showten where we can easily drink cheaply.

After you drink on Kokusai-dori international street, the last ramen is here “Nariyoshi”

After drinking and eating a delicious Orion beer or awamori on Kokusai-dori (international street), we want to eat the ramen at the end after all. A ra-men shop recommended for such the last ramen, "Ryukyu Island Pork Ramen Nariyoshi". Because it is in the side street of international street and it is open until midnight, it is OK to drink until late at night. But if you eat drink rich Tonkotsu ramen and Tsukemen after drinking, it is quite satisfactory even in your full stomach. Please try visiting the ramen shop.

Shellfish specialty bar in Sakaemachi Naha city, you can deliciously eat shellfish from all over Japan

It is Sakae-machi where Okinawa's good old downtown environment is remarkably preserved. In Sakae-machi arcade streets crowded with local elder ladies shopping in the daytime, you can hear a fun voice from the tavern where drinks can be drunk at night. The bars of such drinking spots, izakaya which changed a bit in Sakae-machi, is introduced today "Shellfish specialty bar "Hiikiya". At the bar you can enjoy delicious shellfish and sake around the Japan. It is a little unusual bar, but it is a good Izakaya where you can easily go for a drink.

The restaurant Old-fashioned Okinawan cuisine and Soki soba are delicious Furusato

The department store that has long been popular in Okinawa is "Ryubou" in Naha city. At the entrance of the Kokusai-dori (international street), located in front of Okinawa Prefectural Government Office, it is crowded with locals and tourists many times ago. There is a delicious shop of old-fashioned Okinawan cuisine and Soki soba in the department store Ryobou that is familiar with such local people. That is "Furusato". As a delicious Okinawa soba store, people who know it are shops. This time I will introduce Okinawa soba of Furusato.

You can also eat set meals and drink Senbero at Ukishima Street Naha city Sakuraya

We can eat set menu at 600 yen from lunch time 13:00, we can enjoy 3 cups of sake and knob that is "SENBERO". That is in Ukishima street of Naha city Sakuraya. It is a gentle atmosphere dining room operated by older ladyies of young "Ober" (old lady) in the 60s, "Anmar" (elder lady). In the evening, tourists and the local men will come and visit a lot and crowded. It is easy to enter and casual mass eateries in the back street of Naha. It is a friendly atmosphere Izakaya where you can feel free to visit even by tourists.

A popular Asian pub “NinoNi” near Kokusai-dori (International street), beer and dumplings are cheap and good

It has become a hot summer. Especially the summer in Okinawa is hot. In the burning sunshine, it is the best match dumplings and cold beer to heal sunburned body. Popular Asian Izakaya in international street of Naha city "NinoNi" that you can enjoy such a cold beer and delicious dumplings cheaply. From 5 o'clock to 6:30 pm, you can enjoy grilled dumplings and draft beer at half price. Such a cheap and delicious dumpling shop, "NinoNi". I'd recommend it in the hot summer.

Traditional Mokuhai Okinawa soba “Toraya” in Naha, Best match of strong noodles with delicious soup of bonito

Traditional Mokuhai (wood ash) Okinawa soba kept made in Okinawa before the Pacific War. Such a traditional Mokuhai soba is "Toraya" in Naha city. Good deliciou soup and strong noodle made by wood ash are the best match. It is Okinawa sopa shop where you can enjoy old-fashioned delicious Okinawa soba. This time I will introduce about authentic Mokuhai soba "Toraya" in Naha city.

Kodora old fashioned Okinawa soba is tasty, creation of daily menu Okinawa soba too

If you want to eat old-fashioned Okinawa soba. Sometimes you feel like that. Okinawa soba shop recommended at that time is "Kodara". And They offer Okinawa soba with soy sauce flavors of old nostalgic flavors. Many people fascinated by its gentle taste, it seems that there are many fans who will go to many times. This time I will introduce about Kodora.

If you want to eat Okinawa soba with refreshing taste, Takaraya is recommended, perfect for hot summer

Okinawa where the hot summer lasts long. Your appetite will fall when a hot day continues. Even on such a hot day, you can eat deliciously refreshing taste of Okinawa soba. Okinawa soba with a refreshing taste that is perfect for hot summer in Okinawa, it is Takaraya. So it is the ultimate refreshing taste with no homosexuality. Okinawa soba no longer added with chemical seasoning is good for the season when it is hot and your appetite is falling.

Would you like to have a cold beer at Orushouten from noon in Hot Okinawa

Hot Okinawa from morning. When coming to Okinawa and going out for sightseeing from the morning, you will definitely want to drink cold beer around noon? You would like to make a toast with delicious beer, even from lunch to your trip to Okinawa. Popular tavern which is perfect for such a lunch drink is "OruShouten". Because it is open from 11:30 in the morning, it is exactly right for lunch drinking! Hot summer, cold beer from lunch is awesome.

Four cups of Sake and knob at only 1000 yen Cheap Izakaya Eekagen near Makishi Public market

With only 1,000 yen, there are 4 drinks, 2 knobs, and such cheap Izakaya is behind the Makishi public market. That is <b id="underline">"Eekagen"</b>. Seriously, you can drink 4 beer or Sake just by a thousand yen. <b id="em">I think that it is the cheapest Izakaya in Naha city.</b> If you want to enjoy sake and beer cheaply and fun, Eekagen is the best! On this page I will introduce you "Eekagen".

2013 Okinawa soba Ranking No.1 Sobe, Nice tasty Okinawa soba you can taste at an old private house in Naha city

Ranked first in the Okinawa soba rankings in 2013. A dignified large volume. A delicious Okinawa soba that you can taste in an old private house in Naha city. It is introduced today "Sobe" (楚辺). Recently growing popularity, renovated old houses and general houses, it became a large store about 80 seats. I will introduce such "Sobe" this time.

Stylish Oden bar Waya in a parasol street beside the Makishi public market

If you want to drink and talk with local men and ladies easily! Do not hesitate to drink with tourists! Drinking Oden shop that is perfect for you and easy to enter, this is "Waya". Since it is an open street-like shop arrangement, you can enjoy standing and drinking easily at a glance if tourists. Why do not you enjoy talking with local men, older lady, migrant, etc. Talking and drinking while you tasted better Oden? Tables made with beer case tickle us, do not you think?

Drinking from noon, If you want to drink cheaply and deliciously, Parlor Koyaji recommended near the Makishi Public Market

Hot Okinawa, when you are walking around in the day and sightseeing, you will want a cold beer. If you want another beer drunk at lunch time, you can drink from around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Senbero Izakaya recommends Parlor Koyaji. It is a popular izakaya that is cheap and tasty to drink from lunch near Makishi public market. The foods are also delicious and you can drink smoothly from noon. I'd recommend it for lunch drink

A fashionable cafe bar near the Makishi public market you enjoy 3 cup Sake and knob at just 1,000 yen Senbero, recommended for girls

Today, let 's introduce a little fancy cafe bar recommended for girls near the Makishi public market. That is verona. Because it is an open cafe, you can drop in at a glimpse if a tourist. Moreover, you also enjoy three cups of sake and knob at just 1,000 yen (Senbero). To my satisfaction, Senbero drink of verona is not only beer and awamori, cocktails and soft drinks are also OK. Even those who are not good at drinking, you can feel free to enjoy Senbero.

Stylish Izakaya with a handsome chef KAZAMI, Recommended for girls who came to sightseeing Makishi public market sightseeing

"I would like to drink with local people at a popular tavern in Okinawa", "I want to try Senbero (2-3 cup and Tsumami set for 1,000 yen)", "But a standing drinker full of men is hard to enter." There is a fashionable tavern Izakaya of recommendation of such women who are in trouble. That is KAZAMI. There is a handsome chef, there is a fashionable atmosphere and a little drink set of 1,000 yen, so women can also enjoy alcohol easily. I recommend you to a group of women who is coming to sightseeing in the Makishi public market! You can drink it happily even from daytime.

If you want to drink easily in the Makishi public market Uotomo recommend, Sashimi and 2 drinks in thousand yen

When you come to Makishi public market, you will want to eat delicious fish. You will want to drink sake too, do not you think? At that time perfectly recommended bar shop, introduce today Uotomo (魚友). At 1,000 yen you can enjoy 3 sashimi and 2 drinks. It is in front of the Makishi public market, so you can eat it easily by drinking. The beer you drink on the open terrace in front of the Makishi market is the best! The atmosphere unique to the market of Okinawa and alcohol drinking while watching people going and leaving is exceptional! If you come to the Makishi public market, please stop by all means.

Adachiya you can drink cheaply in the morning, the day and the night with a thousand yen, a public brewery near the Makishi public market

"Senbero" that you can enjoy 3 cups of sake and a knob at 1,000 yen. There are also many Okinawa popular taverns with Senbero that you can drink at only 1,000 yen. The vicinity of the Makishi public market where tourists and local people gather is the sanctuary of such a Senbero taverns. First of all, I would like to introduce Adachiya at a mass public brewery like that. At Adachiya you can drink cheaply and fun in the morning, day and night, is always full of local people. Some old drinkers are drinking since morning on weekdays (lol). Such Adachiya is also recommended for tourists! If you come to Makishi public market, please drink it at Adachiya.

A gentle and refreshing taste Tsukemen shop Takeran located on the Kokusai dori street, perfect for hot days

It's a gentle taste Tsukemen noodle shop using abundant pigs and vegetables from Okinawa, which is located on the Kokusai dori street Tsukemen Takeran. Luxurious oysters Dashi taken over time, using island pigs, vegetables, fish and other good ingredients from Okinawa, are gentle refreshing tastes, perfect for summer hot days without appetite. I ate such a nice Tsukemen noodle so I will introduce it to everyone.

When you want to eat delicious Okinawa soba at Kokusai-dori, Doraemon is recommended

When you are shopping for souvenirs on Kokusai-dori (international street), you will be hungry. If you have noon, you want to eat delicious Okinawa soba. Especially for hot day, it is nice to have clear Okinawa soba. Recommended for such people is "Doraemon". As imagined from the shop name, it is a soba restaurant operated by a shopkeeper who likes Doraemon.

“Inaka” you can eat traditional Okinawa soba near Makishi public market

Makishi public market that has continued to support the stomach of Naha citizen since the burning of Okinawa after the World War 2. It is now also a classic tourist spot. When entering the back of such Makishi public market, there are many back streets where plenty of downtown atmosphere remained. In such a back street, a soba restaurant where you can eat tasty old Okinawa soba is introduced today Inaka. The taste of Soki soba, the price and the atmosphere of the shop has not changed for more than 30 years, and continues to deliver delicious Okinawa soba.

You can eat fresh tuna rice bowl directly brought from Naha Port, Tomari Iyumachi

You can eat fresh fish sent directly from Naha Port. That is Tomari Iyumachi. By the way, "Iyu" is a dialect of Okinawa, it is a fish, and "machi" is a market. As the name suggests, Tomari Iyumachi is a market where a lot of fresh fish directly bought from the beautiful Okinawa sea are sold. In addition, you can also eat fresh fish directly from the harbor on the spot with sashimi or sushi at the market. Therefore, recently tourists have come to visit. This time I've been eating fresh tuna rice in Tomari Iyumachi and it is to introduce.

Helios Pub where you can drink delicious beer from lunch on Kokusai-dori, relieved even with children

It is a staple of Okinawa sightseeing "Kokusai-dori", located just in the middle of the Kokusai-dori, and you can drink delicious beer from noon. That is Helios Pub. It is a rare British style beer pub in Okinawa. There is a large entrance along the Kokusai-dori, so it is easy to enter even from noon, it is a bright atmosphere. When you come to Okinawa traveling, you want to drink from lunch (laugh). You can drink delicious beer from noon, it is Helios Pub. If you are strolling around Kokusai-dori, please stop by all means.

If you want to eat Jiro ramen in Okinawa, AKAHIGE Ramen in NAHA

Heavy vegetables, thick noodles with eating response, thick Tonkotsu soy sauce soup, thick sliced pig meat, and garlic. Jiro ramen with addiction that swept the ramen lovers in Japan. If you want to eat such Jiro ramen in Okinawa, "AKAHIGE Ramen" in NAHA city. When I was a child, I could not eat ramen at all in Okinawa, but now I can eat delicious ramen in Japan. It is a good time.

I ate A lunch of Okinawa class B gourmet standard in the snack shop Ruby

Speaking of classic B class gourmet in Okinawa, do you understand somewhat? I think that you can come up with various cuisine like Goya Champloo, Soki soba, Nakami-jiru, Fu Champloo etc. Of course, these dishes are classic B class gourmet, but you can also eat in Okinawa restaurant outside Okinawa Prefecture. But B class gourmet which can only be eaten in Okinawa Prefecture, it is < A lunch. I have eaten the classic A lunch of Okinawa's Class B gourmet set meals at the Ruby snack shop in Naha City along National Route 58.

Hanagasa shokudo is a long-established lasts more than 50 years in Naha’s market, you can enjoy Okinawa’s home cooking

It is a market district that entered the side street from the Kokusai-dori of Naha city, a long-established restautant which keeps operating for over 50 years, that is "Hanagasa-shokudo". At the Hanagasa-shokudo you can enjoy home-cooked Okinawa cuisine such as boiling soki, Tebichi, Nakamiziru and Inamuruchi. If you come to Kokusai-dori, please enjoy Okinawa home cooking at the Hanagasa-shokudo. Recently, many tourists are coming, so it is a restaurant you feel free to enter.

Speaking of Okinawa sightseeing, Kokusai-dori there are many shops that are delicioust and souvenirs

Speaking of classic Okinawa sightseeing, is not it here? There are lots of good souvenir shops and restaurants "Kokusai-dori" (Meaning International street). It is a market town that has been for the postwar reconstruction period after the Second World War 2 for more than 70 years. There are many souvenirs, goods in Okinawa, delicious restaurants, safe street for women and children with peace of mind. Recently foreign tourists have visited quite a lot and the words to be heard have become international as well as English, Chinese, Korean, Uchinaguchi (Okinawa dialect). Kokusai-dori where there are many shops that I would like to introduce with full of highlights. Since it is difficult to introduce one by one, this time I will briefly introduce the whole picture of the Kokusai-dori. I will gradually introduce recommended shops and sightseeing spots around the Kokusai-dori.

Niku Soba of Habu shokudo, Speaking of Okinawa’s large serving restaurant is here

I went to Okinawa's biggest dish-serving cafeteria "Habu shokudo (restaurant)", which has filled the stomach of a port worker in Naha Bego for a long time, and has eaten a Niku Soba (classic meat buckwheat noodle ). Recently, it has been posted in sightseeing guide book, so many tourists came to visit. Habu shokudo is located in Naha Shuffo, so it may be a bit confusing but a signboard is on the road. It is such a signboard.