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I will introduce the beautiful beach, recommendation stores in Nago city Okinawa from our local perspective. On this site, I also post other Okinawa beaches, Okinawa soba’s famous shops, recommended places etc. from the local’s eyes. Please have a look.

Nago fishing port fishery direct sales shop is recommended for fish lovers! Fresh fish dishes are delicious

You can eat fresh fish dishes using freshly picked fish purchased in the morning. That is Nago fishing port fishery direct sales shop. It is located in the corner of Nago fishing port and is directly managed by Nago Fishery Cooperative Association, so freshness and taste of fish are no doubt. For those who like fish, I definitely want you to eat at this shop.

A restaurant where Okinawa and Brazil were mixed!

Okinawa and Brazil mixed restaurant! That is in Nago City Brazil Shokudou (dining room). Brazilian cuisine made by Brazilian shopkeeper and Okinawa soba are famous restaurant. And he worked for many years at Brazilian coffee plantation, also managed a coffee specialty shop, the authentic Brazilian coffee where the owners who have walked with coffee for many years are brewed. I have tasted Okinawa soba and Brazilian coffee at home in Brazil Shokudou.

Okinawa soba full of stamina that can be eaten in Nago municipal market, Sakura dining room

Hot summer nationwide continues. If this hot day continues, is not the appetite falling down? But at such times, let's eat Okinawa soba with stamina full marks and rejuvenate. Nago City's municipal market has a dining room where you can eat Okinawa soba with stamina full marks. That is Sakura Shokudou (dining room). Sakura shokudou No.1 Okinawa soba is "Stamina Moyashi soba" which contains plenty of sprouts, chives and pork. I have eaten this stamina Moyashi soba in hot summer.

A long-established Okinawa soba shop Marutaka soba, which has been loved for over 70 years

For many years there is a famous Okinawa soba restaurant, which has met the stomach of local people in Nago City. I introduces today Marutaka Soba. It founded in 1948, it is a long-established Okinawa soba restaurant, which has been loved by Nago City for more than 70 years. I went to a long-established store that has long supported the stomachs of children in the growing season of Nago City, and I have tasted that Okinawa soba.

If you want to eat full-fledged Miso Ramen in Okinawa Sanpachi recommended

"Where is the delicious ramen shop in Nago?", The Ramen shop that taught me when I heard the acquaintance "Ramen Sanpachi". You can eat authentic Miso ramen in Hokkaido. Both noodles, soup, sauce and chashuu, the main materials are all sent directly from Hokkaido. Therefore, Miso Ramen is the authentic taste of Hokkaido itself. In Okinawa it became easy to enjoy the authentic taste.

Cheap old and delicious Okinawa soba, Miyasato soba is popular in Nago city

Okinawa soba shop delicious old taste nostalgic taste that has been loved in local Nago city for many years. It is today's Miyasato Soba. Recently, not only local people, but also many tourists are visiting popular shop. When I listen to a delicious Okinawa soba shop in Nago, this Miyasato soba, or the name of Gabusoka Shokudo is coming out, it has long been familiar to locals. I ate Soki soba in Miyasato soba.

Restaurant Flipper Steaks and homemade pies are delicious

A long-established restaurant that has continued to provide delicious steaks and homemade pies for more than 46 years since 1971, Flipper. It is a popular steak restaurant not only from local Nago citizens but also from tourists. Salt and pepper, A1 sauce, homemade steak sauce and 3 different flavors, you can eat steak deliciously. I ate such a delicious steak and handmade pie, so I will introduce it to everyone.

Road station Kyoda is the most recommended in Okinawa, souvenirs of Yanbaru and discount tickets are available

On the way to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, you will definitely go through "Road Station Kyoda". It is a popular road station which was chosen as the 5th place among 1,059 Road stations in Japan. It is a very convenient road station for sightseeing in Okinawa, where there are discount tickets of sightseeing spots such as Churaumi Aquarium and Northern Yanbaru souvenirs. This time I will explain in detail about the Road station Kyoda.