I will introduce the beautiful beach of Itoman City, Okinawa, and the shop of recommendation at our local attention. On this site, I also post other Okinawa beaches, Okinawa soba’s famous shops, recommended places etc. from the local’s eyes. Please have a look.

Iibaruya is a delicious Soki soba resutaurant with pork bone and salt soup

There is an Okinawan soba restaurant in Itoman-shi where you can enjoy the delicious soup that is popular with local elder Ozzy and Ober. That is the Soba restaurant Iibaruya introduced today. The appearance is also beautiful, and the proud soup is seasoned with only pork bone and salt, but it is surprisingly refreshing. I went to the Iibaruya and ate it with the soaked Soki soba.

Ie beef direct selling shop you can easily eat the illusion of Ie beef! Beef soup and steak don bow are good!

The meat lovers it is Uchina-nanchu (Okinawa people)! Okinawa people do like not only pork. We also like beef. There are customs in Okinawa to eat a variety of meat such as Soki soba (pork), Hiijar (goat), Ahiraa soup (duck). It is such meat, but beef is the best, is not it? In Okinawa it is called Gyuujiru (beef soup), there is a unique soup with plenty of beef. "Ie beef direct selling shop" that Beef soup of Okinawa prefecture brand beef "Ie beef" can be easily eaten in Itoman City. As the name suggests, it is a directly managed shop which they go to processing and sales from Ie cattle's stock raising company in-house. Since it is a directly managed store, we can eat Ie beef cheaply and deliciously.

Adachiya in Itoman city is also cheap and tasty Senbero Izakaya, you can drink from noon

Senbero that mean you can drink 3 alchohol and delicious knobs at a thousand yen. Adachiya has been spreading such a Senbero to Okinawa. Adachiya located behind the Makishi public market in Naha city is a sacred place for drink lovers in Okinawa. It is Adachiya, a sanctuary for drinkers in Okinawa, but you can enjoy Senbero in places other than Naha city. This time I went to Adachiya located in Itoman City which opened in 2017. Of course, I also tried Senbero.

If you want to eat delicious yakiniku full stomach, Gyuuan in Itoman city is recommended

As you are hungry, you would like to eat yakiniku (Grilled meat) after all. You want to eat fresh and delicious grilled meat full of stomach, don't you? Especially in families with growing children, you want to eat a lot of delicious grilled meat sometimes for children. I would like to recommend The Gyuuan in Itoman city. It is a grilled meat restaurant operated by a wholesale company specialized in meat, so you can eat fresh and tasty meat with reasonable price. This time I ate all-you-can-eat plan.

[Underwater video] Snorkeling Odo coast beach reef that gets deeper than 15m

Emerald green and cobalt blue meet, the boundary of the sea. The area at the boundary of the ocean where the water depth gets deeper than 10 meters is called a "Reef". Even from the sky or land, it change from emerald green to cobalt blue, so you can see it immediately. I swam around such a reef by snorkeling. The popular swimming beach "Odo Coast Beach". At low tide the depth of the water in the reef is shallow and it is a popular beach that you can safely swim even small children. I took a video of underwater by swimming around the reef of such a Odo coast beach. Please see the power around the reef where the water depth gets deep at once.

Odo Coast beach you can swim with tropical fish for beginners or children, snorkeling Introduction with underwater video

Speaking of summer in Okinawa it is still a beautiful beach. You'd like to swim with tropical fishes while being shaken by comfortable waves, dazzling sunshine at clean ocean. Beautiful nature beach that is perfect for swimming with such tropical fish is Odo Coast Beach in Itoman City. It is a beautiful beach of the main island of Okinawa, where you can easily swim with natural coral and tropical fish. Snorkeling Even beginners and children can swim with confidence. It is a popular beach known locally as a point of diving and surfing. This time I will introduce this Odo Coast Beach with a video that actually swam.

Unexpected combination of homemade noodle Soki soba and Itoman black curry is exquisite, Yoshimoto shokudou

Unusual combination of Soki soba and black curry is surprisingly good and addictive. It is in Itoman City that you can enjoy such a surprising and delicious combination Yoshimoto shokudou. I think that it does not match soba with black curry, but this is really tasty and I went to eat for two days in a row. Delicious Soki soba with homemade noodles and rich black curry are exquisite. I introduce Yoshimoto shokudou.

Umanchu market in Itoman city has both mangoes perfect for souvenirs and fresh seafood

Mango, pineapple, passion fruit etc, Okinawa unique fresh fruit can be bought a lot cheaply. It is in Itoman City Road Station Fermars Market Umanchu-ichiba. In the Umanchu-ichiba market, fresh vegetables and fruits taken from local Itoman City are sold cheaply and are perfect for souvenirs. Furthermore, at the fish center behind the market, you can eat fresh sashimi and seafood as they are. Umanchu-ichiba market of Itoman Road station where you can enjoy vegetables, fruits and fresh seafood in Okinawa. If you are suffering from souvenirs, please come and visit the market well.

Okinawa soba received at an old private house cafe with Okinawa emotion 120 years old, Makabe Chinaa

A quaint Okinawa old private house cafe that is over 120 years old. Delicious Okinawa soba can be eaten at old Okinawa emotional old cafe. That is in Itoman City Makabe Chinaa. It is an old folk house cafe quietly standing in a quiet country residential area of Okinawa and is also popular with tourists. I will introduce you to Makabe Chinaa where you can taste such a quiet and relaxing Okinawa time.

Speaking of delicious Izakaya in Itoman-shi, U-twui you can enjoy relaxing alcohol with children

If you come to a trip to Okinawa, you want to enjoy delicious Awamori and Okinawa foods slowly with children. But children get bored as soon as they eat and will try to leave the restaurant. So, you can not enjoy drinking or eating slowly with children, do not you? The Izakaya Japanese pub recommended for such a troubled father and mother in Itomin-shi Ichimanya U-twui. Since there is kids room in the U-twui, even small children play without permission and do not get in the way of drinking and meals. Your children also start having fun with other family kids, so you can have fun with your kids.

Izakaya “Tarajisabira” you eat fresh fish dish of fisherman’s town Itoman

It is izakaya (Japanese pub) where you can eat fresh fish dishes of Itoman City, a fisherman's town, which is "Tarajisabira". You can enjoy fresh seafood unique to Okinawa with delicious beer and awamori. It is a bright and safe izakaya that you can relax with children. Basically In Okinawa's Izakaya you can enjoy meals with peace of mind even with children. Because okinawa family usually eat dinner with their childresn in izakaya. Therefore, you often see a family who is eating in a pub with small children.