Tacos, Tacorice and draft beer are good, Parlor TacosTacos

Speaking of B class gourmet unique to Okinawa, there are many such as Okinawa soba and champloo. There are lots of delicious cafe with beautiful scenery, so you will not be sure where to eat lunch. In such a time, how about tacos and draft beer? In Parlor TacosTacos in Sunrise street where the atmosphere of the downtown of Naha city remains, you can eat good tacos, taco rice and draft beer. Besides, only 1000 yen, there are also 3 cups of alcohol, tacos and special cuisine with easy-to-go snacks. You can enjoy tacos and draft beers deliciously.

Parlor TacosTacos is located in the place of entering Sunrise Street from Ukishima Street in Naha City. Because a quiet old man manage it alone, it may be a bit difficult for you to enter. But if you feel free to order “SENBERO”, it is OK. Delicious draft beer and snacks will come out.

Delicious draft beer and tacos

A great deals set for tacos that day’s snack on plate. The owner handcrafted at the shop, Tacos, crisply matches beer well. Random snacks on this day are tofu and salad. I was happy to have a knob that matches sake. I had 2 beers and 1 high-ball, it was delicious.

This is Parlor TacosTacos’ menu. Besides beer there are also wine and awamori. When I come next time I would like to eat taco rice.

Food menu

Drink menu

About Parlor TacosTacos
Okinawa’s B grade gourmet, taco and taco rice. You can enjoy it with beer in Parlor TacosTacos. It is a parlor style taco shop in Sunrise street which entered the back street from the Makishi public market. It is a taco shop selling quiet owner, but you can eat beer and tacos with ease with only a thousand yen. Please come when you are hungry for a walk in Naha city. While feeling the atmosphere of Naha’s downtown, it is a scenery like this from the shop.

Arcade street from the shop

Parlor TacosTacos is here ↓

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