Delicious Okinawa soba to taste at a beautiful old private house surrounded by greenery, Suumanume

There are plenty of delicious Okinawa soba restaurants. But if you eat delicious Okinawa soba, you would like to taste it at a beautiful old private house surrounded by greens. A courtyard that is being carefully kept by old good houses full of good old Okinawa emotions. Such a Okinawa soba restaurant is “Suumanume”. It’s a delicious Okinawa soba restaurant where bonito is firm. This time I will introduce Suumanume.

Suumanume is in a quiet residential area of the Kokuba Naha city. It is in a place which entered a side street one step from the Route 507. I think that it is better to go check it in advance by navigation etc. because I think that it is a bit confusing. The shop is built by renovating old-fashioned old private houses.

Inside photo of Suumanume

The inner courtyard is beautiful. An ornament such as Shisa is decorated in a lush garden, and the atmosphere of the quiet Okinawa old private house matches the plant cleaned, it is a pleasant restaurant.

The inner courtyard photo 1

The inner courtyard photo 2

This is the menu. This time I ordered the store manager’s recommendation “Suumanume Special Soba”. I was looking forward to see what kind of soba can be tasted.

The menu

Well, Suumanume Special Soba came. Three kinds of meat such as Tebichi, Soki, Sanmainiku seems to taste good.

Suumanume Special Soba

First of all, I would drink a bite of Okinawa soba’s life, soup. It is a pretty tasty soup that the fresh flavor of ginger is matched to a firm bamboo soup. It’s fresh and crispy soup, but bonito soup has been taken steadily, umami is thick. Even if you add a topping’s mugwort, it fits well with the unique bittern of the mugwort, and there is another different taste. Using straight noodles, it is old-fashioned Okinawa soba. There were three kinds of meat, Tebichi, Soki, Sanmainiku, you can enjoy the taste of different meat. Even so, the soup was delicious. And surprisingly there is a volume, perhaps a woman alone may not be able to eat it. My stomach was full.

Suumanume shop information
Standing in a quiet residential area of Naha City, it is a Suumanume old private house. Okinawa soba with bonito scented delicious soup is exquisite. The old private house and the green courtyard are beautiful, if the weather is nice and it is a very pleasant space. It is a famous Okinawa soba shop that I want you to visit, even for tourists as well as locals. It seems that the shop name of “Suuanume” comes from the dialect of Okinawa which says “before the tidal house”. I do not know the meaning for a moment, but … was it a wave ‘s getaway?

  • Address:
    902-0075 Kokuba 40-1, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-16:00
  • Telephone: 098-834-7428
  • Closed: Monday
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot just a little away
  • Price: 500 yen ~ 700 yen

Suumanume is here ↓

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