We ate great lunch buffet at Sun marina hotel in Onna village!

There are many resort hotels in Okinawa. Eating delicious lunch buffet at such a resort hotel is also a secret fun of Okinawa citizens. Lunch Biking at a resort hotel which is somewhat different from everyday life. Actually, did you know that Okinawan citizens can eat Hotel buffet at little bit great price? That is “Churatoku”. If you make a reservation in Churatoku, you can enjoy various hotel buffing a little with advantage. This time we have enjoyed lunch buffet at a long-established hotel in Onna village, Sun marina hotel at great price.

Sun Marina Hotel is a resort hotel by the sea. The hotel looks as if it is floating in the sea.

The hotel looks as if it is floating in the sea

The inside of the hotel has become a space that reproduced the sea of Okinawa. The fish were also seen closely, and my children seemed very happy.

The inside of the hotel has become a space that reproduced the sea of Okinawa

There was a small ray.

There was a small ray.

On the left side of the colonnade in the hotel there is the restaurant SENSES.

the colonnade in the hotel


Since we visited at 1:30, the number of customers was calm to a certain extent. The atmosphere in SENSES’s restaurant is like this. When the weather is nice, you can eat good food while watching the beautiful sea of Okinawa.

The atmosphere in SENSES's restaurant 1

The atmosphere in SENSES's restaurant 2

It is nice to have a kids space. We aew happy about these thoughts for young children.

kids space

Then see the dishes you care about. I could not do it until taking pictures of the dish, so I’d appreciate it if only the atmosphere conveys it.

SENSES lunch buffet 1

SENSES lunch buffet 2

SENSES lunch buffet 3

SENSES lunch buffet 4

Lunch buffet is the perfect cuisine type. I shot with a smart camera, so I could not shoot all the dishes. It is a pity that I can not tell the deliciousness of dishes if I only shoot smartphones.

It is the first dish. Salad, appetizer, and meat and soup. Please acknowledge that it is still bad as shown.

the first dish

Shrimp and seafood ahisho were tasty, meat was also soft and easy to eat. I went hungry on this day, so I would go to the 2nd dish which is continuing. The second dish I ordered teppanyaki steak. As he bake directly in front of you when ordering, you can eat freshly baked steak. I ordered 2 dishes.

teppanyaki steak

2nd dish

Medium rare baked, the meat was very soft and juicy. After all the satisfaction is different if there is teppanyaki steak for lunch buffet. It is likely to eat a little more, so it rushes into 3rd plate.

3rd plate

The third dish was a pasta, potato and Tebichi, it became a combination which we do not know well. If you try to eat something you want to eat, somehow the combination becomes strange. We can scrape the big cheese by ourselves and put it on the pasta, so the fragrance of cheese is thick. Tebichi was also cooked softly and it was delicious.

I wanted to eat a little more, so lastly seafood Ahijyo. And somehow there was a root beer of A&W, so I got this combination. I saw the can of the root beer in buffet restaurant is for the first time. It is quite fashionable.

seafood Ahijyo and root beer

the can of the root beer in buffet restaurant

I had become quite full, but the sweets are different. I also want to eat one sweets at a time.

Sweets in SENSES

Assorted sweets of 5th dish

After all the dessert is important for hotel buffet. Finally, when I eat lots of sweet things, my satisfaction is different. There were sweet and delicious cakes, jelly and Japanese confectionery that meet well with coffee, which was quite satisfactory. But still, I wanted to eat one more dish, and at last I ate the blue seal ice one by one (laugh). There were four kinds, so I enjoyed different tastes.

the blue seal ice

About SENSES in Sun marina Hotel
A long-established resort hotel, Sun Marina Hotel Okinawa, located in Onna village since I was a child. This time I ate lunch buffet for the first time, but the satisfaction was high well with the cost and the taste well. Because it is in contact with a high-transparency beach, you can eat delicious lunch while watching the beautiful sea. Unfortunately it was a cloudy sky this day, but on a clear day you can see a beautiful ocean.

Beach at the Sun Marina Hotel

After having a delicious lunch, we enjoyed table tennis and billiards with children at the hotel’s playroom. At the resort hotel, you can enjoy lunch and play different from usual daily life. Let’s use it positively in Okinawa. If you use “Charatoku”, you can enjoy lunch buffet at a great price.

  • Address:
    904-0494 Fuchaku 66-1, Onna village

    , Okinawa

  • Telephone: 098-965-2222
  • No regular holiday
  • Car parking: Hotel parking is available
  • Morning 7:00~10:00
    Lunch 11:30~14:00
    Dinner 18:00~22:00
  • Price: Lunch adult 2,100 yen Child 1,000 yen, Infant 600 yen, Senior 1,200 yen

Sun marina hotel is here ↓

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