Soriano a small bar of delicious Belgian beer in Sakaemachi Naha city

Sakaemachi shopping street where Okinawa emotion remained remarkably, it is Sakaemachi in Naha city. The atmosphere of Okinawa’s good old shopping area we can still feel now. Although it is such Sakaemachi, there are many interesting drinking bar, and it is crowded with many Okinawa alcoholic drinkers. There are many interesting drink shops in such Sakaicho. In such circumstances there are small bars which are popular No.1 Belgian beer in Japan, Hoegaarden beer we can drink deliciously. That is Soriano. Although it is a small bar for standing drinking, you can drink Hoegaarden Beer at a profitable rate of 400 yen.

It is a small bar filled with 6 to 7 people, with only a small counter.

Inside photo of Soriano

When you enter the bar, it is Hoegaarden Beer first. The owner pours it carefully. I can feel the love of the owner who likes Hoegaarden Beer.

The owner pours Hoegaarden Beer carefully

Well, this is Hoegaarden Beer. Beer bubbles are very white, like texture cream is fine. When I drunk it, a refreshing and fruity taste spread in your mouth. It is very refreshing. This is delicious. Even those who do not like beer can deliciously drink.

Hoegaarden Beer

Knobs are only nuts and chocolate. It’s a small bar with no kitchen so it can not be helped. Instead of a few knobs, bringing in is OK. We are happy to be able to bring in your favorite knob freely.

Nuts and Hoegaarden Beer

This is Soriano food menu and drink menu. The knobs are exquisitely just nuts and chocolate. It is quite a good store. In addition to Hoegaarden Beer, you can drink Rum, tequila, bourbon at reasonable prices. It is a good bar.

Soriano food menu

Soriano drink menu

Soriano shop information
Sakaemachi of the shopping district where the downtown emotion of Okinawa remained remarkably. In Sakaemachi, there are many unique drink shops like Locals drinking from noon, so you can feel the deep atmosphere of Okinawa. Soriano where we can drink advantageously also opens at 3 o’clock noon. Soriano is useful when you want to drink from lunch or before a drinking party. At 1,000 yen you can eat 2 Hoegaarden Beer and knobs. It’s quite satisfying.

  • Address:
    902-0067 Naha city, Asato 385, Okinawa
  • Open 15:00〜24:00
  • Telephone: 098-886-5030
  • Closed: Thursday, Sunday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen

Soriano is here ↓

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