2013 Okinawa soba Ranking No.1 Sobe, Nice tasty Okinawa soba you can taste at an old private house in Naha city

Ranked first in the Okinawa soba rankings in 2013. A dignified large volume. A delicious Okinawa soba that you can taste in an old private house in Naha city. It is introduced today “Sobe” (楚辺). Recently growing popularity, renovated old houses and general houses, it became a large store about 80 seats. I will introduce such “Sobe” this time.

Sobe is in the residential area of Naha city. It may be difficult to understand because it is in a place where you turn to the right in the middle of a steep slope. I recommend that you check the location in advance. The entrance of the store is really the entrance of an ordinary house. People who are starting may not understand a bit.

The entrance of Sobe

The inside of the shop is just an old private house! It is a bit dim, although it is slightly dim. With a picture taken with a digital camera of a smartphone.

The inside of the shop

Is it a shop owner’s hobby, it is a mysterious space with various kimonos, pots and pottery decorated. This is interesting.

Kimonos and dishes adorned in the store

Painting decorated in the store

There are many signs of celebrities. As expected it is a popular Okinawa soba restaurant in Okinawa. The combination of the chandelier on the ceiling of the old private house also unexpectedly matches the atmosphere of the old private house, but it is strange but harmonious.

many signs of celebrities

Well, Sobe’s menu is this. Okinawa soba is famous Sobe, but seafood bowl seems to be delicious. On this day I ordered Soki soba (large). 2013 Okinawa soba I will check the ranking of first place ranking.

Sobe's menu

Well, Soki soba (large) came. It is a bigger vessel than I thought, a dignified volume. Soki is also large, almost the same size as the diameter of the vessel. If this is so much Soki, you can see that Soki is a porcine meat of swine. But I’m sorry. It got a bit dark photo, was not it?

Soki soba (large)

And the soup which is mainly bonito and pig bone is unexpectedly refreshing and taste easy to eat. Even so, there are strong Umami firmly and it is finished in the taste loved by various people. Straight noodles with a strong elasticity match well with the soup, and it is finished in a harmonious balance. As expected it is only selected as Okinawa Soba ranking No.1. It is a convincing taste if you eat it. Even so, it’s quite a volume. It becomes full stomach.

About Sobe
Sobe is the Okinawa soba ranked first in 2013. Sobe which you can taste delicious Okinawa soba in an interesting atmosphere is also recommended for tourists. Sobw is not in other Okinawa soba shop, there is an interesting project and it also attracts attention. I’d like to challenge once in a voluminous volume “Sobe soba” using an instrument with a diameter of 32 cm. But Soki soba (large) was quite a volume, so I do not know if I can eat it.

Sobe soba

There are other plannings, etc., which also has a hit on the bottom of the vessel. Thinking about an interesting project, I can be likable for that attitude to carry out. I am out of this time though.

lot soba

  • Address:
    900-0023 2-37-40 Sobe, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30-21:00
  • Telephone: 098-853-7224
  • Closed: None
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot in front of the shop
  • Price: 550 yen ~ 2,000 yen

Sobe is here ↓

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