The plump Tebichi soba is delicious!! Sobaya Yoshiko in Motobu town

A Okinawa soba town Motobu. There are many delicious Okinawa soba restaurants in Motobu Town. There are many delicious Okinawa soba shops along National Route 84, which links Nago City with Motobu Town, and it is also called Soba Highway in the local area. I went to Sobaya Yoshiko at the entrance to the ruined Soba highway. A long-standing soba restaurant with a large “Yoshiko” sign on Route 84, which has always been a concern. Hearing the reputation that Tebichi Soba is delicious, I went to see the taste immediately.

The inside of the Sobaya Yoshiko is like this. The atmosphere of the traditional Okinawan canteen was flowing and relaxing. The salesclerks were also kind and I felt as if I came to a relative’s grandma’s house. Many pictures of acquaintance were displayed in the shop, and you can feel a homely atmosphere.

The inside of the Sobaya Yoshiko

The menu of Sobaya Yoshiko is this. It is easy to understand for foreign tourists because it has photos. Menu table also contains the season.

The menu of Sobaya Yoshiko

After all, I would like to eat the famous Tebichi soba since I came to Sobaya Yoshiko. I came with my children on this day, so I ordered Soki Soba, Children’s Soba and Juushi.

Tebichi soba

This is Tebichi soba. It contains three big Tebichi and good volume. Tebichi made by simmering pork legs for hours were very soft with plump, and it seems that the meat will fall off just by holding it with a chopstick. Because it has been cooked for hours, it has almost no fat, and I could enjoy the texture of the plump and the taste of delicious pork. Then I drank a soup of Tebichi soba. Refined and mellow Japanese-style soup made with pork bone, kelp and bonito. The soup had a solid taste of dashi, but it was not rich in fat, and was finished in an elegant taste that was easy to eat even for the elderly. This was so good!! The taste of Tebichi had been steeped in the refined soup, and the taste had become even deeper.

Soki soba and Juushi

And this is Soki Soba and Juushi. The combination of Soki soba annd Juushi cooked with soba soup was quite good. I think that they used the same soup as Tebichi soba, but the taste of Soki soaks in the soup, which was also a different taste.


And this is children soba. There are often Soba (small) in Okinawa soba shops, but it is a bit rare for children to have soba for children. It is glad to have a family with young children. I feel a homely atmosphere around here.

About Sobaya Yoshiko

A big signboard of “Yoshiko” I have seen since my childhood. It seemed that it used to be a bento, but the soba served at that time was so popular that it became an Okinawa soba specialty restaurant. Tebichi soba is also popular among them, the texture of the Tebichi is the best, very delicious and plenty of collagen. If you are wondering which restaurant to eat at the Soba highway in Motobu-town, it is safe to choose a Sobaya Yoshiko.

Sobaya Yoshiko is here ↓

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