If you want to eat Iekei ramen in the Okinawa, Shouya

The Iekei ramen which has continued to attract ramen loveers in all over Japan. Rich Tonkatsu ramen become habitable, there are times when I want to eat asexually for some reason. Of course, we can eat delicious Iekei ramen even in Okinawa. That is this Shouya. It is finishing a rich Tonkotsu ramen unique to Iekei ramen to a mellow and smelly soup and it is also recommended for those who are beginners of Tonkotsu ramen. The Shouya where you can eat delicious rich Tonkotsu ramen. This time I will introduce about such Shouya.

The Shouya is located near the Urasoe municipal museum. From the Ohira intersection of Route 330 you go eastward and find on the left hand side. As soon as entering the store there is a ticket vending machine. Please choose ramen you want to eat with ticket vending machine first.

ticket vending machine

There are four types of ramen: Tonkotsu soy sauce, Tonkotsu fish, Tonkotsu salt and tsukemen. Speaking of Iekei ramen, Tonokotsu soy sauce. First I ordered Tonkotsu Soy Sauce Ramen. Since I was hungry on this day, I got a satisfying set of dumplings and rice as a set.

There is a counter and a seat in the shop. You can see the state of the kitchen from the counter, it is atmosphere of typical ramen shop.

Inside photo of Shouya 1

Inside photo of Shouya 2

You can choose fine noodles and thick noodles in Shouya. In addition, you can adjust the taste of your choice, such as taste intensity, amount of fat, hardness of noodles. I chose a thick noodle, and ordered everything else after all. In order to test the standard taste of the Shouya, it was all dare to be normal.

You can adjust the taste preferences

Well, Tonkotsu soy sauce ramen, dumplings and rice came. First of all I tasted ramen soup. I could feel by just drinking a bite. A rich tonkotsu soup spreads through my mouth. Although it is a rich tonkotsu soup, it is a pork bone ramen which has a peculiar smell and is mellow and easy to eat. If you are a Iekei ramen beginner, I think that you can eat it deliciously. When I put in garlic, it became another taste, I could eat deliciously until the end with more appetite. Dumplings were also delicious, and when I ate all, I got quite a stomach full.

Tonkotsu soy sauce ramen, dumplings and rice

About Shouya
Rich Tonkotsu Ramen, the shopkeeper who has long practiced at the famous ramen noodle store “Musashiya” offers confidence. I think that pork bones soup which is rich but mellow and smells can be deliciously eaten even for people who are not good at Tonkotsu ramen. Not only classic pork bone sauce, but also pork bone fish, pig bone salt, tsukemen. We are happy that the menu is abundant. It is a pleasant service for lunch time that the big noodle is free. Next time I would like to try pig bone fish ramen.

  • Address:
    901-2103 1-5-3 Nakama, Urasoe city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30-23:00
  • Telephone: 098-878-1124
  • Closed: None
  • Parking: Yes, it’s located behind the shop
  • Price: 600 yen ~ 1,050 yen

Shouya is here ↓

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