Shinzan Soba a long-established Okinawa soba restaurant using Agu pork

Nago City has a well-established long-established Okinawa soba restaurant, which is famous in the local area. The Shinzan Soba is a long-established Okinawa soba shop that is nearly celebrating its 100th anniversary in the the end of Taisho era. This is a long-established soba restaurant founded in the Taisho era, in order to make delicious Okinawa soba even to the northern Okinawa people. It is a famous local Shinzan soba, but it is not known to tourists. This time I will introduce Shinzan Soba.

The Shinzan soba is located in the back alley of the city area of Nago City, and the location is a bit difficult to understand. It is necessary to confirm the location on Google Map in advance. The restaurant has a Japanese-style room and table seats, and retains the atmosphere of the old cafeteria often found in Okinawa. This old feeling is irresistible. It is a good old Okinawan atmosphere that is not a structure.

Inside photo of Shinzan soba

There is a ticket machine in the middle of the restaurant, so you buy a ticket there.

a ticket machine in the middle of the restaurant

The recommendation of this shop is Shinzan soba, which is also the name of the restaurant. There are Soki meat, Tebichi meat, kelp, and thick tofu fried.

Shinzan soba

At first I tried a bite of soup. It was a clean and rich soup made from Agu pork and bonito broth. I felt a rich body, but it was not greasy at all and had a light taste. The flat noodles matched the soup. In the Taisho era when the company was founded, noodles were handmade, so only thick noodles could be made. It was a thick flat noodle with the same atmosphere as at the time of its foundation. It matches well with a refreshing soup.

Tebichi soba

And this is the popular No.1 Tebichi soba. The stewed Tebichi meat was soft enough to be easily unraveled with chopsticks. The combination of Tebichi meat and soup was also exquisite.


There is also a soba set meal with a set of Jushii and sashimi. Jushii, which contains carrots, hijiki and pork, and was well seasoned with dashi, was very delicious, and the combination with Okinawa soba was an iron plate. If you are hungry, I recommend this soba set meal.

About Shinzan soba

Founded in the late Taisho era, this year marks its 95th anniversary. A long-established restaurant Shinzan soba in Nago City, which will soon be 100 years old. Agu pork and bonito soup has a clear taste and matches well with flat noodles. If you go to this long-established cafeteria, you will be able to taste the good old Okinawan cafeteria.

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