Senbero tavern “Shintenchi” with a wide variety of set meals, menus and snacks

Makishi Public Market located on a side street from Naha City’s Kokusai Street. Shintenchi-dori, which is further from there. Senbero Tavern, which has a large variety of set meals and menus, is on Shintenchi street, and its name is Shintenchi. Sembero Izakaya with a wide variety of menu and knobs unique to Okinawa. I ate Senbero and knobs in the Shintenchi is located on Shintenchi Dori, which is further from Makishi Public Market.

Shintenchi Street has the atmosphere of a good old Okinawan street market and is fun even if you take a walk. The Shintenchi Street is like this.

Shintenchi street

And if you get hungry while taking a walk, let’s keep your stomach and throat in the new space in the photo above. First of all, let’s order draft beer at Senbero and moisturize your throat.

draft beer

While taking a walk in hot Okinawa, cold beer will be absorbed into the body. After all Senbero is good. The shop has an atmosphere like this.

inside photo of Shintenchi 2

inside photo of Shintenchi 1

nd this is the knob of Shintenchi Senbero and draft beer. There are 2 knobs, so it’s a great deal.

draft beer and 2 knobs

By the way, the menu of Shintenchi is this.

drink menu of Shintenchi

food menu of Shintenchi

lunch menu of Shintenchi

There are a large number of standard menus such as those found in popular cafeterias in Okinawa. I was a little hungry, so I ordered a standard Fuchanpuru separately.

Fuchanpuru and draft beer

A fuchanpuru like my mom made for lunch on Saturday came out. When I ate hot, it also fit draft beer well. This was a single item, but you can order it with a set meal.

After all, I wanted to eat a little more, so I ordered a goat sashimi. Goat sashimi that can only be eaten in Okinawa in Japan. Moreover, raw goat sashimi that is not frozen. Sometimes I would like to eat extravagantly.

Goat sashimi and beer

This is a raw goat sashimi. The color was also good, probably because it was not frozen, raw sashimi, it was a relatively easy-to-eat goat sashimi with little odor. There wasn’t much smell peculiar to goats, and it was a soft, easy-to-eat goat sashimi. There are also beef sashimi, horse sashimi and deer sashimi. What a deer sashimi is rare. I would like to eat deer sashimi next time.

About Shintenchi

Senbero Izakaya “Shintenchi” with a large variety of set meals, knobs and menus The restaurant also offers a wide variety of fish dishes such as fish soup with colorful Okinawan fish, boiled fish, grilled fish. Many recommended menus are displayed on the wall of the shop, and it will be tempting to eat that too. However, next time I would like to try deer sashimi.

  • Address: Zip
    900-0014 Matsuo 2-21-12, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00〜23:00
  • Telephone: 098-868-0301
  • Holiday: None
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: about 1,000 yen

The Shintenchi is here ↓

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