Excellent cost performance pretty hideaway SENBERO Izakaya Shimoji near Kokusai dori (International street)

Senbero Izakaya continues to increase in Izakaya around Naha international street and Makishi public market. Senbero that you can enjoy 3 cups of alcohol and a knob with just 1,000 yen is a wonderful system friendly to the locals wallet who love drinking. In November 2017, a new bar joined such a Senbero Izakaya. That is Shimojiya. There are 3 cups of drinks and 2 knobs for just 1,000 yen, it is a pretty good cost perfomance izakaya. From the Makishi public market, we can also enjoy good Senbero menu in a pretty hideaway SENBERO Izakaya Shimoji.

Shimojiya is located on the back street of International Street, a place that has entered a side street further from Ukishima Street. It is hard to explain in words, so I explain the detailed location under the page with photos. The atmosphere seems to be an open-air pub in the side street in Southeast Asia. Senbero is a great deal with 3 drinks attached to 2 knobs. Let’s start at Senbero if you sit down.

Draft beer

Senbero drink menu and food menu in Shimojiya are like this. The food menu seems to change on a daily basis.

Senbero drink menu in Shimojiya

Senbero food menu in Shimojiya

There were many types of knobs so I was lost. This time I ordered chicken fried and ham cut. Waited for a while while drinking a draft beer. Shimojiya is basically a prepayment system, so if you ordered Senbero, it would be OK if you pay 1,000 yen to a clerk. And you pour draft beer into your throat, that is so OK. The marbles next to the beer will be replaced by the rest of Senbero drink.

chicken fried, ham cut and beer

After all the cold beer has good to hot fried food. I ordered a second beer. Oh it is good! I felt like I live for this moment.

When I went to a shimojiya on another day, I tried ordering another knob. Island Shallots Tempura and cartilage Soki. Again it fits the cold draft beer. Ku, GOOOOOD!

Island Shallots Tempura, cartilage Soki and cold beer

Sometimes a pretty cat comes over to Shimojiya. While watching cat, the moment of drinking cold beer and knobs from daytime is the time of bliss. After all it is nice to have a Senbero pub. You can drink cheaply and tastily from daytime.

a pretty cat comes over to Shimojiya

Shimojiya Izakaya information
Just 1,000 yen, three cups of drink and two items of knobs, cost performance outstanding Senbero pub, Shimojiya. It is in a difficult place to understand, so I will explain the directions a bit. First off, you are coming to Ukishima street on the back street of the international street. I think that you can meet such a sign when walking Ukishima street.

a sign of Shimojiya

To enter the pathway according to the direction of the signboard.

the pathway

As you walk a little bit, you will find a Shimojiya. When you arrive at a Shimojiya, please sit down and enjoy SENBERO.

you will find a Shimojiya

  • Address:
    900-0013 Makishi 3-4-1, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 15:00〜23:00
  • Telephone: 080-9296-8586
  • Holiday: None
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen

Shimojiya is here ↓

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