Refreshing Okinawa soba of Shimabukuya in Yaese town is perfect for hot summer in Okinawa

The sunny sun with a brisk appearance. Sweat that will not stop as soon as you walk outside. The sun in Okinawa in summer is murderous sunshine and tends to get down to the heat. My appetite is gone. But at such times I will want to eat Okinawa soba. The appetite falls, there is Okinawa soba restaurant which is perfect for the hot summer of Okinawa. It is in Yaese town “Okinawa soba specialty restaurant Shimabukuya”. It is a pig bone base soup, but it is perfect for the summer of hot Okinawa with refreshing taste. This time I will introduce the delicious Okinawa soba shops to survive the hot summer.

The Shimabukuya is along Route 507 in Yaese Town. A peaceful sugarcane field is spreading around the restaurant and you can enjoy the countryside of Okinawa. It is perfect for the drive. The Shimabukuya is a small restaurant with a counter and a cushion seat.

The interior of Shimabukuya 1

The interior of Shimabukuya 2

The menu of Shimabukuya is stuck on the inside wall of the shop.

The menu of Shimabukuya

When you hesitate which Okinawa soba you should eat, it is limited to making it popular menu at the shop. So I chose standard cartilage soki soba and meat vegetable soba. I was looking forward to any refreshing taste.

cartilage soki soba

This is cartilage Soki soba. It is simple but first, I would drink a soup. It was tastefully flavored with bonito and kelp soup in a pork bone based dashi. If it is this soup that I was refreshed, we can eat steadily even if it’s hot and without appetite. Noodles are also fine noodles, it matches well with the taste soup. When the appetite is falling, this seasoning will give us a feeling of seasoning.

meat vegetable soba

This is meat vegetable soba. Stir-fryed meat vegetables was full of voluminous on Okinawa soba. Crispy vegetables and soup of taste were good. After all, in hot summer when the appetite is falling, this is the most refreshing Okinawa soba. It fits my body. I enjoyed deliciously until the end.

Shimabukuya restaurant information
Okinawa soba restaurant, Shimabukuya, finished in a breezy taste using pork bone soup and domestic bonito section. They also uses only solar salt, it is a Okinawa soba restaurant that is making body friendly that does not use chemical seasoning at all. Zyushi seems to be popular, but unfortunately this day was sold out. I would like to look forward to the next time.

  • Address:
    901-0402 Tomimori 981-1, Yaese town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-16:00
  • Telephone: 098-998-6400
  • Holiday: Tuesday
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot in front of the store
  • Price: 630 yen ~ 780 yen

The Shimabukuya is here ↓

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