Senbero Plus, a Senbero izakaya with good Tonkotsu ramen and meat sushi

As Corona is gradually settling down and daily life is returning, I have recently started going out for drinks in Naha City as I used to do. Several pubs were forced to close in Corona, but even so, new bars are being opened and the old vitality is returning. In the midst of all this, Senbero Plus, introduced here, opened in May 2022.

This is what the front of Senbero Plus looks like. It looks like a back street in the Makishi Market area of Naha City. There are many Senbero taverns in this neighborhood, and it is one of the liveliest drinking areas in Naha City.

This is what the front of Senbero Plus looks like

This is what the interior of Senbero Plus looks like. It is a small restaurant with only three tables, but there are also tables outside the restaurant. Both inside and outside of the restaurant are yellow. Maybe the owner of the restaurant likes yellow?

This is what the interior of Senbero Plus looks like

And here is Senbero Plus’ Senbero menu, food menu, and drink menu.

Senbero Plus' Senbero menu

Senbero Plus' food menu 1

Senbero Plus' food menu 2

Senbero Plus' food menu 3

Senbero Plus' drink menu

After all, you came to Senbero Plus, so let’s start with Senbero. First, draft beer!


To my delight, Senbero Plus is not real draft beer, but “Premium Malts” It was still hot in Okinawa that day, even though it was October, and the cold beer soaked into my body. The card next to the beer is a voucher for Senbero’s drink.

For Senbero snacks, I ordered fried chicken. The second glass of Premium Malts was ordered just as the snacks arrived.

The second glass of Premium Malts was ordered just as the snacks arrived

There is no reason why fried chicken should not go well with draft beer. And as one would expect from Premium Malts, even the second glass of beer was a big hit!

Meat and noodles are recommended on the menu at Senbero Plus, and for the second snack, I ordered the “Meat Sushi” (690 yen).

meat sushi and draft beer

And just as the meat sushi arrived, I ordered my third and final draft beer at Sembero. Meat sushi and beer, what a great combination!

And the good thing about this Senbero Plus is that we can also have ramen. I ordered “bite-sized Ramen” (390 yen) and “Half Fried Rice” (390 yen) to finish off the meal. And for drinks, I changed to highballs for a refreshing drink.

bite-sized Ramen, Half Fried Rice and Highball

The ramen was of a very high level, even if it is called “bite-sized ramen”. It was so rich and thick that you can feel just by taking a sip of the soup. Despite the richness of the pork bone, there was no smell, and I thinked anyone can enjoy this pork bone ramen. And the refreshing highball went well with it. I enjoyed it until the end.

About Senbero Plus

Senbero Plus is located on the back street of Makishi Public Market, the sacred place of Senbero Izakaya in Naha City. it is a new izakaya that just opened in May 2022, and we encourage all kinds of people to come and try it. The level of Tonkotsu Ramen is quite high.

  • Address: Zip
    900-0014 Okinawa, Naha city, Matsuo 2-10-20
  • Open 15:00〜23:00
  • Telephone: 080-6485-0107
  • Closed: Thursday
  • Parking: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~

Senber Plus is here ↓

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