A long-established restaurant SEASIDE-DRIVE-IN being loved in Okinawa for over 60 years

A long-established restaurant being loved in Okinawa for over 60 years, that is SEASIDE DRIVE IN. As the name of the restaurant, it is right next to the beautiful beach of Onna village. It is a long-established restaurant that has long been popular among US military officials as well as our locals since the US military rule era before Okinawa returned to Japan. The founder who had entered and exited the US military base saw the restaurants in the base and liked it, imitated that style and opened the restaurant. Since all dishes can be taken out, there are many Okinawa peaple while stopping in the middle of the drive.

There is a signboard of a popular menu at the restaurant entrance. Popular No. 1 is Rib steak (1,750 yen), No.2 is special lunch (1,500 yen), No 3 is fly-rice (850 yen). I came at afternoon this time, so I ate a popular No.2 special lunch.

Signs of the popular menu at the entrance of the seaside-drive-in

When entering the restaurant a clean aquarium fish tank will welcome you. Beautiful tropical fish are swimming swiftly. You feel the atmosphere of an American restaurant in the past. The cross pattern of the table makes us feel the atmosphere of American restaurant.

Inside shop of the seaside drive in

The SEASIDE-DRIVE-IN is just in front of the sea! When the weather is good, the scenery is pretty beautiful. It is the sea on the west side, so you can see a beautiful sun setting in the evening. The scenery from inside the restaurant is like this.

Sea view from inside Seaside-drive-in

The menu is also easy to understand with pictures, and at most it is less than 2,000 yen. Snacks such as sandwiches and hamburgers are also available.

Seaside Drive In Menu Photo

Well, this time I ordered a popular No.2 special lunch. Fried chicken, hamburger steak, white fish fries, fried shrimp, pork cutlets, boiled beef, rice and soup, and coffee after dinner that are all costs 1,500 yen! It is cheap, tasty and has plenty of volume. There are as much as they have been loved by US military officials for many years. That volume is comparable to the US military. I was quite full of stomach. Without leaving food, I enjoyed delicious coffee after dinner.

Seaside Drive-in special lunch

Speaking of SEASIDE-DRIVE-IN, this homemade soup. Personally recommending that you spoil pepper. Many of the OKINAWA people stop by to drink this. All menus can be taken out, so it’s convenient because you can drop in easily in the middle of the drive.

Seaside Drive-in takeout

SEASIDE DRIVE-IN information
A long-established restaurant that has been loved in Okinawa for over 60 years, SEASIDE-DRIVE-IN. Because it is cheap, tasty and plentiful, we will visit not only local people but also US military officials. So NHK’s popular TV program “Document 72 hours” as well. This is my favorite TV program. Truly a long-established restaurant, many of the locals and officials of the US military were visiting during the TV program.

A restaurant that you can relax with couple or with children. You can enjoy a delicious plentiful cuisine with the beautiful Okinawa sea. Visitors are also welcome to visit us. The evening sun is beautiful in the evening


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