If you want to eat full-fledged Miso Ramen in Okinawa Sanpachi recommended

“Where is the delicious ramen shop in Nago?”, The Ramen shop that taught me when I heard the acquaintance “Ramen Sanpachi”. You can eat authentic Miso ramen in Hokkaido. Both noodles, soup, sauce and chashuu, the main materials are all sent directly from Hokkaido. Therefore, Miso Ramen is the authentic taste of Hokkaido itself. In Okinawa it became easy to enjoy the authentic taste.

This time, the shop I went to was a ramen sanpachi Nago shop. Since I came to the store before 6 o’clock in the evening, there were no customers inside the store yet. I was happy because I could relax with my kids.

Inside photo of Ramen Sanpachi

Ramen Sanpachi’s menu is this. There are various types of ramen besides miso ramen. It’s fun to hear what kind of ramen I am going to have with my children. As I thought, miso ramen Sanpachi set with miso ramen, dumplings and fried rice.

Ramen Sanpachi's menu

Well, Miso Ramen Sanpachi set came. It was more than I thought. A delicious scent of miso stands up and appetizes.

miso ramen Sanpachi set with miso ramen, dumplings and fried rice

First, I drunk a bite of soup. The taste and aroma of thick miso spreaded all over my mouth. Miso soup which was made with both red miso and white miso was rich and fragrant rich. It was a small numbered noodle to match such a thick soup. Dense soup was frequently involved, and ramen was going to eat smoothly. Fried rice and dumplings were delicious, and quite my stomach became full.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Black Tonkotsu Ramen

I ordered Tonkotsu Ramen and Black Tonkotsu Ramen for my children. Tonkotsu Ramen is a solid rich pork bone soup. Not only Miso Ramen but also Tonkotsu Ramen was surprised with a real authentic taste. Black Tonkotsu Ramen is a Tonkotsu Soy Sauce Flavored Soup. It was pretty tasty, because the thick pork bone soup and the spicy of soy sauce matched. Personally, I liked the Black Tonkotsu ramen better than the miso ramen. Even my children and I did not leave until the end and ate deliciously.

Ramen Sanpachi shop information
At Ramen Sanpachi you can eat delicious Miso ramen in Hokkaido. Menus other than Miso ramen are abundant, so there are set menus full of volume, so students and families with children will be full of stomach. We have a pretty good set menu for lunch, so I’d like to visit at lunch next time.

Lunch menu

It seems there are shops in Naha city and Tomigusuku city besides Nago shop, so if you want to eat ramen, why not stop by nearby Sanpachi? I think that you are satisfied with your stomach and wallet with full volume

Ramen Sanpachi Nago shop is here ↓

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