Sam’s Cafe you eat delicious steak with the atmosphere of good old American movies

An American restaurant that reproduces the good old days of the 50s and 60s America, it is Sam’s Cafe. It is a cafe restaurant in an atmosphere that appears in the movie “American Graffiti”. Steaks, barbecue ribs, sweets tasty and plentiful. You can eat authentic and tasty American steaks in the atmosphere of a good old American movies.

Sam’s Cafe is near the entrance of American military base Campfostar. This sign is a landmark.

Sam's Cafe sign

The atmosphere inside is just like a restaurant in the American movies in the 50s and 60s! There is nothing like a restaurant with such an atmosphere.

The inside of Sam's Cafe 2

The inside of Sam's Cafe 1

Indirect lighting is dimly and perfect for date.

The inside of Sam's Cafe 3

Sam’s Cafe is the main menu of the steak set. There are quite a volume in the soup salad, rice and steak course dish. Because the variety of steaks is also abundant, I think that you can be satisfied enough by meat lovers.

Sam's Cafe menu

There are many alcohol menus such as beer and cocktail. But as I came by car this day, I ordered a non alcoholic cocktail. It is fashionable and sweet non-alcoholic cocktail. I was happy that there are plenty of non alcoholic cocktail types as well. Because Sam’s Cafe is in a place where you can not come without a car. The drink menu picture was a little dark, I’m sorry …

The drink menu

Well, I ordered “Special Riblose Steak Extra Large” (2,380 yen). Soup and salad with steak and rice. It is a pretty voluminous course dish.



Well this is the main ribulose steak. Because it is an extra large size it is pretty big! Both taste and volume are American, and the taste of red meat spreads throughout my mouth and stomach. After all the A1 sauce goes well with the steak. Many types of steak sauce were also deliciously eaten without getting tired until the end.

ribulose steak with rice

About Sam’s Cafe
The Sam’s group has been continuing to offer delicious American steaks and teppan-yaki in Okinawa. There is a teppanyaki steak shop on the Kokusai-dori (international street), so maybe there are more people who saw that.

Even the Sam’s Cafe introduced on this page you can eat real authentic delicious steak at reasonable price. There is not quite a restaurant with the atmosphere like this good old American movie. Those who came to Okinawa for sightseeing or who are lost in the plan of the date, please come and visit the Sam’s Cafe. You can have fun and delicious time.

  • Address:
    901-2301 1934 Adaniya, Kitanakagusuku-son,
  • Telephone: 098-935-3699
  • Open: 17:00~24:00
  • Holiday: None
  • Parking: The front of the shop is a parking lot.
  • Price: 2,000 yen ~ 3,000 yen

Sam’s Cafe is here ↓

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