You can also eat set meals and drink Senbero at Ukishima Street Naha city Sakuraya

We can eat set menu at 600 yen from lunch time 13:00, we can enjoy 3 cups of sake and knob that is “SENBERO”. That is in Ukishima street of Naha city Sakuraya. It is a gentle atmosphere dining room operated by older ladyies of young “Ober” (old lady) in the 60s, “Anmar” (elder lady). In the evening, tourists and the local men will come and visit a lot and crowded. It is easy to enter and casual mass eateries in the back street of Naha. It is a friendly atmosphere Izakaya where you can feel free to visit even by tourists.

Sakuraya is on the back street of Naha, along Ukishima street. If you are strolling around Naha City and you are at a loss what to eat for rice, Sakuraya is recommended. When you pass through the goodwill, it is only in a U-shaped counter.

Inside photo of Sakuraya

The menu is stuck on the wall inside the store. Classic Okinawan dishes such as Okinawa soba, Hone-jiru (bone soup), Rafutee can be eaten cheaply and deliciously. It is quite difficult to eat at this price.

The menu is stuck on the wall inside the store

Because I got hungry for a moment on this day Fu-Chanpuru meal and beer. Sakuraya where we can taste cooking by Okinawa’s elder lady. Fu-Champuru of the taste of home can be enjoyed easily.

Fu-Chanpuru meal and beer

Of course there is SENBELO. A cheap SENBERO with 3 drinks and snacks set for 1,000 yen. You can drink beer, high ball and Awamori at SENBERO at lunchtime and evening. We are happy about this.

Beer and snacks

About Sakuraya
The Sakuraya where you can enjoy the set menu and SENBERO in the back street of Naha City, on Ukishima Street. The popular menu of active senior ladies in Okinawa is cheaply deliciously eaten. Of course, both beer and awamori are cheap. Feel free to put on a wallet-friendly mass eatery. You can taste the friendly hospitality of Okinawa’s older sisters.

Vertical signboard at Sakuraya entrance

  • Address:
    900-0013 3-3-20 Makishi, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 13:00~21:00
  • Telephone: 098-867-4322
  • Closed: Wednesday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen

Sakuraya on Ukishima street is here ↓

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