Tofu Chanpuru and other classic dishes cheap, good, and hearty! Sakura Shokudo in Itoman City

Tofu chanpuru or foo chanpuru is a classic Okinawan home-style dish that comes to mind. Various restaurants in Okinawa offer a variety of chanpuru dishes. Among them, I went to Sakura Shokudo in Itoman City because I heard that it is a cheap, good, and hearty restaurant serving tofu champuru and other classic dishes. It was quite inexpensive and hearty, so I would like to introduce it to you.

Sakura Shokudo is located near the public market in Itoman City, but it is quite difficult to find, so it is better to check the location with Google Map in advance. The exterior of the restaurant looks like the picture above, with a small sign.

The restaurant is a cozy eatery with small tables.

The restaurant is a cozy eatery with small tables.


A handwritten menu is posted on the wall inside the restaurant. The menu is rich in popular diner staples such as Okinawan soba, chanpuru, curry, and more. And what is surprising is how inexpensive it is. Okinawa soba is only 450 yen! I think this is one of the cheapest in Okinawa Prefecture. Most of the menu items are around 500 to 600 yen, and the most expensive item is 800 yen.

Among the menu items, I first ordered the Tofu Chanpuru.

Tofu Chanpuru

This is Sakura Shokudo’s Tofu Chanpuru (550 yen). So much volume and yet it is only 550 yen! It is filled with large pieces of tofu and a delicious aroma. I started with the tofu. The tofu has a strong soybean aroma and umami flavor. The vegetables also have a crunchy texture, making this tofu chanpuru very tasty. This is a dish that goes well with rice.

On another day, I went to eat at Sakura Shokudo again. This day, I ordered the most expensive grilled rice cutlet at Sakura Shokudo.

grilled rice cutlet

This is Sakura Shokudo’s fried rice cutlet (800 yen). As the name suggests, it is pork cutlet on fried rice. I started with the pork cutlet. The pork cutlet is a crispy batter on a refreshing A loin. The fried rice is also very tasty, and children will definitely be satisfied with this dish.

About Sakura Shokudo

The Sakura Shokudo is a restaurant frequented by cab drivers and fathers who work nearby. The small restaurant fills up quickly during lunch time, so it is better to go early or late for lunch.

Not only the diner, but also the entire restaurant has been raised in recent years, but Sakura Shokudo offers very inexpensive food at 450 yen for Okinawan soba. I hope they will keep this price.

  • Address: Zip
    901-0361 Okinawa, Itoman city, Itoman 1954
  • Open 9:00 ~ 18:00
  • Telephone: 098-800-2036
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Parking: There are about 3 parking spaces in front of the restaurant
  • Price: 450 yen ~ 800 yen

Sakura Shokudo is here ↓

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