I enjoyed almost Sembero with casual sushi bar next to Makishi Public Market

Makishi Public Market, a kitchen of Naha City and a popular tourist attraction. Recently, Sembero Tavern has been increasing and it has become a sacred place for sake-loving Okinawans. The Sakana sushi next to the Makishi Public Market. When I went in front of the Sakana sushi, I saw a sign of “almost Sembero”. If you can enjoy at Sushi Bar almost at Sembero, you will be so happy. Immediately, I tried almost Sembero of Sakana sushi.

a sign of almost Sembero

The Sakana sushi is right next to Makishi Public Market. It is on the opposite side of the market main street. The signboard of the above picture is a mark. A small restaurant with counter and table seats. In front of the counter there are many delicious items.

inside photo of Sakana sushi

And this is the menu of “almost sembero”. This is not a set menu like Sembero, but a combination of alcohol, and knobs, it seems to be a suggestion of the shop that you can drink for about ¥1,100. The point is that the sour of the second cup is 10 yen.

The sembero menu of Sakana sushi

However, here is hot Okinawa. First of all, I would like to drink cold beer for my throat.

cold beer

And I looked at the menu while thinking about which knob to eat. The menu is quite abundant. I wondered which one to eat.

The menu of Sakana sushi 1

The menu of Sakana sushi 2

The menu of Sakana sushi 3

The menu of Sakana sushi 4

The menu of Sakana sushi 5

The menu of Sakana sushi 6

The menu of Sakana sushi 7

The menu of Sakana sushi 8

The drink menu of Sakana sushi

Otooshi (table charge knob) came to me that I was wondering what to eat with the knob. This was also a good knob.

cold beer and knob

The knob was “Law yellow tail fish with sesame seed” which was almost on the Sembero menu. As it was fresh sashimi, it was a pretty good knob.

Law yellow tail fish with sesame seed

When I was drinking draft beer while eating the knob, it would disappear quickly. The pickled sour was chosen for two cups. It is a refreshing sour with raw umeboshi.

umeboshi sour

This is a total of 1,200 yen. I can not say that it is Sembero, but I think that this price is a good deal by drinking two cups of liquor while eating knobs lightly at a sushi bar. And I also wanted to eat some sushi, so I ordered sushi 5 set. After all, I would like to eat sushi after coming to a sushi restaurant.

sushi 5 set

It was a beautiful and delicious sushi. It’s close to Makishi Public Market, so it’s fresh and delicious food, it’s cheap and delicious sushi. Eat up to here and drink at almost 2,000 yen a little. It is reasonable.

About Sakana sushi

The Sakana sushi, a casual sushi bar next to Makishi Public Market. A sushi bar has a slightly expensive image, but it’s nice to be able to enjoy liquor and delicious knobs at almost 1,000 yen. In addition to the standard sushi, there are also unusual hand-held menus and sushi items such as “Tuna Rossini” and “Drinkable Salmon”. I want you to taste it for tourists from overseas.

  • Address: Zip
    900-0014 Matsuo 2-11-11, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 12:00〜23:00
  • Telephone: 098-860-9651
  • Closed: None
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 1,100 yen ~

The Sakana sushi is here ↓

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