The Ryuuya on the back street of Kokusai-dori is served with delicious pork bone ramen and Tsukemen

Recently, delicious ramen restaurants and Tsukemen restaurants have increased in Okinawa. Among them, there is a resutaurant where ramen and Tsukemen are both delicious, located on the back alley of Kokusai Dori. That’s Ryuuya. It is a rumor ramen shop that both ramen and Tsukemen using home-made noodles are very delicious. Is the Ryuuya really good? I actually went and ate and checked.

The Ryuuya is located just behind the Kokusai-dori. You’ll go a little sideway, so I think it’s better to check the location in advance. There are big ramen signboards in the shop as shown in the above picture, so if you make a mistake in the sidewalk you will immediately see. Inside is a typical ramen restaurant with counter and table seats.

The inside photo fo Ryuuya 1

The inside photo fo Ryuuya 2

And the menu of the Ryuuya are these. I think it is easy to understand for tourists from overseas because it is with photos.

the menu of the Ryuuya 1

the menu of the Ryuuya 2

After all, I would like to order the most popular menu at the restaurant I came for the first time. I ordered “Ryu-kogashi ramen” which is most prominent in the menu. It seems that there is a service menu when you go Ryuuya during lunch. Curry this time. The combination of ramen and curry is the strongest.

Ryu-kogashi ramen and curry

This is Ryu-kogashi ramen and service curry. It was a delicious pork bones ramen which was a blend of a basic pork ramen and a charred black paste made from garlic and onions. At first I drank a bit of soup. The taste of onion and garlic spreads in my mouth in firm pork bone soup. It was a delicious pork bone soup that was elegant, mellow and odorless. There was little smell peculiar to pork bone ramen and it was easy to eat and it was delicious pork bone ramen. The topping bean sprouts and boiled eggs were also delicious, and adding garlic made it even more delicious. The service curry was also moderately hot and delicious until the end. And at the end a little scraped ice was also provided by the service. It was a nice service for hot Okinawa.

scraped ice

I went to eat Tsukemen on another day. I also went to lunch this day, so the service curry was included. I was glad after all a little service.

Tsukemen and curry

This is the Tsukemn and service curry. Tsukemen was surprisingly thin noodles, and it was different from other Tsukemen resutaurants. The soup was also not so greasy, I felt shabby, but the taste was firm and solid. I felt the rich taste of pork bone and bonito. There were a lot of noodles and there were two balls, but because the noodles were fine, I could eat it smoothly. Tsukemen was also very good !! Of course, after the meal, I got the ice from the service.

About Ryuuya

Ryuuya both pork bone ramen and Tsukemen are both delicious. It is a well-known restauran known to people who are in a place just behind the international street. It is a pleasant ramen shop with a good reception service and a nice service of curry and ice. There are also 2 other stores in Naha City, so if you like ramen, I want you to visit it. In the evening, one cup of beer, Awamori, Kimchi, and Gyoza can be ordered as a “Back Home Set” for 1,000 yen. It is a restaurant that can be enjoyed from drinking to ramen.

  • Address: Zip
    900-0014 Matsuo 1-6-8, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30-24:00
  • Telephone: 098-862-3480
  • Cloesed: None
  • Parking: None
  • Price: 680 yen ~ 880 yen

Ryuuya is here ↓

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