I ate A lunch of Okinawa class B gourmet standard in the snack shop Ruby

Speaking of classic B class gourmet in Okinawa, do you understand somewhat? I think that you can come up with various cuisine like Goya Champloo, Soki soba, Nakami-jiru, Fu Champloo etc. Of course, these dishes are classic B class gourmet, but you can also eat in Okinawa restaurant outside Okinawa Prefecture. But B class gourmet which can only be eaten in Okinawa Prefecture, it is A lunch. I have eaten the classic A lunch of Okinawa’s Class B gourmet set meals at the Ruby snack shop in Naha City along National Route 58.

Snack shop Ruby has been operating in Naha City since long ago. Regardless of when you go on a weekday or a holiday, it is crowded with local people, taxi drivers, and so on. This time as well, I was hungry around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, but the guests had come constantly. Buy orders by buying a ticket and hand it to elder women in the kitchen. The ticket machine is on the left side on the entrance.

The ticket machine in Ruby

The menu is affixed with a photo on the ticket vending machine. It is easy to understand even overseas travelers who do not understand Japanese. The number corresponds to the number of the ticket machine.

The menu of Ruby 1 The menu of Ruby 2

The inside of the shop of the snack shop ruby is like this. The local women are making busy cooking.

Inside shop of snack restaurant Ruby

Since drinks are self-service, put them directly from the yakan on the counter. My recommendation is iced tea. It is a sweet iced tea peculiar to Okinawa that grandmama made. Recently, we can not taste it only at such a traditional restaurant. Well it is not special tasty one. . . .

Snack shop Ruby drinks are self-service

Well, the A Ranch (800 yen) of the snack shop Ruby is like this. Okinawa’s unique lunch set with plenty of volume, meat and calories. Rice with large bonkets, hamburgers, pork, ham, wiener, eggs, salad and soup. I was full of stomach full enough even I was a hungry adult man. Both the bonkets and the hamburger are handmade. We can taste home-made dish of Okinawa’s elder women. To have A lunch there are, of course, both B lunch and C lunch. B lunch did not have hamburgers, C lunch was … I forgot.

I ate beautifully without leaving of course this time. It was delicious.

A lunch of Ruby

This is Ruby ‘s A lunch, but the contents of A lunch are completely different depending on the restaurants. Okinawa has the A – lunch championship, each shop competes and is exciting. When eating lunch in Okinawa, please try A lunch of various restaurants by all means.

Snack shop Ruby information

Snack shop Ruby has opened in Naha city National Route 58 for a long time. I do not know how many years it has been running since I was a child, but the locals still pass by. If you want to eat Okinawa Class B gourmet standard A lunch, please also go to the snack shop Ruby. There is a parking lot, but please be careful as it gets crowded at noon.

Parking lot of Ruby

  • Address :
    900-0012 Naha cityTomari 3-4-15Okinawa, Japan
  • Parking lot : About 10 cars can be parked around the store
  • Telephone:098-868-1721
  • 10:00-01:00
  • No holiday
  • Price : 500 yen~1,000 yen

Snack shop Ruby is here ↓

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