The Rose Garden, Popular restaurant where you enjoy authentic American taste

A popular restaurant where many foreign guests gather from the morning on the weekend, that is The Rose Garden. It seems that a lot of foreign guests will visit for popular morning menu “Egg Benedict.” Foreign guests’ purpose is full-fledged American taste. I ate lunch set and such a popular menu of The Rose Garden “Egg Benedict”.

The Rose Garden is on the National Route 330. Because there are US military bases nearby, there are many foreigners’ customers. This time I entered before noon. When I entered the restaurant, the recommendation menu of today was welcomed.

the recommendation menu of the Rose Garden

The inside of the restaurant we feels the atmosphere of American. There are many places where traditional Okinawan culture and American culture are mixed in Okinawa Chubu region where there are many US military bases. The Rose Garden is also a restaurant where you can feel such Champloo culture of Okinawa like that. Champloo is Okinawa dialect that means Mix

Inside shop of The Rose Garden 1

Inside shop of The Rose Garden 2

The menu looks something like this. It is easy to understand with pictures. There is also a morning set and lunch set, so I was not be sure which one to choose. This time I ordered “Sirloin Steak” recommended today and popular menu “Egg Benedict”.

The menu of The Rose Garden 1

The menu of The Rose Garden 

Now, sirloin steak arrives. Set menu with Salad, rice, drink and dessert is 1,700 yen. Steak has few fat but It’s very soft and easy to eat. It is a very American steak with direct taste of meat. The steak in Okinawa is slightly different from the Japanese mainland steak, which is characterized by many red meat with less fat. The steak with many fat is not much eaten. The Rose Garden steak was delicious with such American steak.

The Rose Garden sirloin steak

Following the popular menu “Egg Benedict” since its founding. 1,300 yen with coffee. Rich eggs and thick ham are on top of the toast. It seems yummy egg looks delicious. Good volume, Americans who eat this with breakfast is truly different in stomach.

Popular menu of The Rose Garden Egg Benedict

Popular menu of The Rose Garden Egg Benedict 2

Sirloin steak had dessert after meals. The Rose garden handmade pumpkin pie. Cinnamon is working, this is also an American taste. It matches coffee well. I enjoyed deliciously until the end.

The Rose garden handmade pumpkin pie

About The Rose Garden
Popular restaurant The Rose Garden where you can enjoy authentic American taste in Okinawa. Nearby is AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom. It is recommended restaurant for shopping and lunch. American atmosphere of the restaurant, taste of food and volume as well. Because it is a shop where you can taste the Champloo culture that Okinawa culture and American culture mixed, I think that I would like visitors as well. Waitress Okinawa old lady English pronunciation is also good. “Coffee” is pronouncedly American pronunciation. Probably she used to work at an American base a long time ago. Coffee is also an alternative. I am happy with such a service. They also sell cakes only.

You can buy the cake individually

By the way, Mr. Ray Payne The Rose Garden owner was born in Mississippi. It seems that Elvis Presley lived in the neighborhood in his early childhood.

  • Address :
    901-2301 165-1 Yagibaru, Kitanakagusuku-son, Okinawa
  • Telephone:098-932-2800
  • Opening:08:00-24:00
  • Parking lot: The front of therestaurant is a parking lot. Since it is quite crowded whenever you go, I recommend you to visit earlier.
  • Holiday : None
  • Price : 1,000 yen ~ 3,000 yen

The Rose Garden is here ↓

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