If you come to the Outlet Mall Ashibinaa, you can get good Okinawa souvenir at Toad station Toyosaki

A popular shopping place in Okinawa is Outlet Mall Ashibinaa. You can buy leading brand outlet products at affordable prices. But there are not so many souvenirs like Okinawa in Ashibinaa. I’d like to recommend to sightseeing who are looking for souvenirs, Road station Toyosaki. It is located across from Outlet Mall Ashinaa on Route 331. Since we can go even if we walk, I think that it is convenient to save time, look for Okinawa souvenir here, after enjoying shopping at the Outlet mall Ashibinaa.

At Road Station Toyosaki, Okinawa’s fruits and vegetables, and local souvenir items are sold a lot. There are many Okinawa specialty fruits in the summer. A scent of pineapple drifts outside the station.


The inside of the store is not very big, but the product lineup is fulfilling, including fresh vegetables, fruits, souvenirs. Recommend this mango. Tomigusuku-shi is the “mango village” boasting the largest mango production of Okinawa main island, and from mid-May to mid-September when shipping, you can buy cheap mangoes at ease.


Besides, Okinawa banana, passion fruit, dragon fruit etc, Okinawa peculiar fruit can be purchased cheaply. Dragon fruit which is also said to be devil fruit of one piece very popular Japanese manga. Just watching it is interesting.

Okinawa banana and passion fruit

dragon fruit

Handmade craft items are sold and you can experience Uji dyeing at Thigumakan


“Thiguma” is Okinawa dialect “manual work / procedure”. Handmade crafts full of personality are sold at that Thigumakan. Even just watching crafts including Yachimun (pottery) is a lot of fun. You gradually want it.

Handmade crafts full of personality in Thigumakan 1

Handmade crafts full of personality in Thigumakan 2

You can also experience ‘Uji dyeing’ at the Thigumakan. Uji is sugar cane in the dialect of Okinawa. Uji dyeing refers to dyes and textiles using sugar cane. At the Thigumakan you can feel free to experience the Uji dyeing. You can enjoy book marking, wind chimes, coasters and more. It is just right for making memories of your children.

Uji dyeing

book marking, wind chimes, coasters and more

They also display and sell various lifestyle craft items to other interior such as business card holder, bag, tapestry.

various lifestyle craft items

Okinawa sightseeing information is full at the Toyosaki Information Station

Toyosaki Information Station

There are various pamphlets such as sightseeing, nature, traditional arts, crafts, events, etc. in Okinawa Prefecture at Toyosaki Information Station, so you can easily get sightseeing information. On a large-sized display, flight information, congestion information, rain cloud radar information etc. are transmitted in real time. It’s pretty convenient.

Toyosaki Information Station pictures

If you come to the Outlet Mall Ashibinaa, please drop in at Road station Toyosaki
Road Station Toyosaki, located a few minutes walk from Outlet Mall Ashibina. It is convenient road station that you can get Okinawa’s unique fruits, crafts sightseeing information. After enjoying shopping at Ashibinaa, please try extending to Road Station Toyosaki. You can also enjoy a different shopping. I think you can buy Okinawa gift as well.

Ruad station Toyosaki is here ↓

If you want to know recommended sightseeings in Okinawa

Since you are coming to Okinawa traveling a lot, you want to know the shops and spots that local people only know. This book is a little different from the ordinary guidebook, and the local recommend these books. Every book has many pictures and it is easy to understand. It is recommended.

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