A handmade grilled chicken is excellent! Restaurant Machida in Nishihara Town

There is a restaurant in Nishihara town, where the taste of handmade is a creed and firmly filling the stomach. Nishihara town specialty restaurant, it is Restaurant Machida. The menu with plenty of volume at reasonable prices has been loved by Nishihara people for more than 30 years. I have eaten a delicious chicken of exquisite dishes at the restaurant Machida that cherish the handmade taste.

The Restaurant Machida is on the prefectural road No.38 line which entered the side road from the national highway No.329 line. The inside feels like a restaurant in the country. It seems that delicious dishes are coming out.

The inside of Restaurant Machida 1

The inside of Restaurant Machida 2

The menu of restaurants Machida is this. There are a lot of reasonably priced dishes, it is a wallet-friendly price. The daily lunch (600 yen) where the menu changes every day is said to be popular.

The menu of restaurants Machida

The daily lunch menu

Speaking of restaurant Machida, it is 1/2 set with plenty of garlic and plenty of voluminous roasted chicken. First of all I ordered 1/2 size roast chicken set.

1/2 size roast chicken set

This is a 1/2 size roast chicken set. As the name suggests, there are plenty of volumes in half of the roasted chicked. Please watch this volume.

1/2 size roast chicken

Of course the taste was also delicious. The scent of garlic intensified my appetite, chicken was soft and juicy, chicken skin was also crispy, the rice progresses steadily. Below the chicken roast garlic and condiments of spices were included, which further improved my appetite. Half body of soft chicken carefully roasted at home. The taste arranged for Peruvian cuisine for Japanese people was very tasty, and when I ate all, I got quite a stomach full.

I went to eat lunch menu on another day.

Lunch menu

This is the restaurant Machida lunch menu. Tonkatsu, hamburger steak, salmon fillets, soup with rice is 650 yen. It is the reason why this volume and reasonable prices have long been supported by Nishihara Town. Of course, tonkatsu was also crispy and tasty, and on this day my stomach became full.

About Restaurant Machida
About 40 years ago, the restaurant Machid started to offer dishes in small prefab cabin. A reasonable price, the taste of the shop owner who cherishes the taste of handmade is about as much as a fan gets for each menu. “Daily lunch” (600 yen) where the menu changes every week even on the same day seems to be popular. Next time I will try eating daily lunch.

The restaurant Machida is here ↓

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