A combination of soft steak and raw garlic is exquisite! Restaurant Kuni in Okinawa City

Okinawa people love meat so much. Especially Okinawa people love steak. In famous TV program, Okinawa citizens who eat steaks after drinking have been introduced, but Okinawa people likes steaks as much as that. So there are lots of delicious steak restaurants in Okinawa. Meanwhile, a restaurant recommendation is in Okinawa City Restaurant Kuni. Combination of thick steak, raw garlic, and special sauce is excellent! This time I will introduce such restaurant Kuni.

The restaurant Kuni is in a place which entered a side street one by one from National Route 85. There is a parking lot so it is safe to come by car. A step into the restaurant, the delicious smell of meat and sauce tickles my nose. The atmosphere that already seems to be delicious we felt. The restaurant inside is like this. It is quite an old fashion atmosphere.

The restaurant Kuni inside 1

The restaurant Kuni inside 2

The menu of the restaurant Kuni is this. It is easy to understand because it has a photo.

The menu of the restaurant Kuni

Steak and lobster popular specialty restaurant, restaurant Kuni. Both of them we can eat “Rob special” is recommended. I went with my children on this day, so I went for lunch. And ordered Tacos of popular side menu. I was looking forward to taste what kind of steak comes.

Rob special

This is “Rob special” which we can enjoy both steak and lobster. The smell of raw garlic and meat intensifies my appetite. First off from the steak. It is a thick steak, but it is very soft and the fragrance of raw garlic and the umami of meat were exquisite. Very soft and delicious deep umami steak. Either special sauce or salt, I can taste either. Next is lobster. Lobster to eat with the original white sauce is a different taste than steak, and it is also good here. Volume and taste are excellent items of satisfaction.

Kuni lunch

This is “Kuni Lunch”. It is a popular menu of volume full scale such as Tonkatsu, handmade hamburger steak, and grilled meat. It is a dish of volume full scale satisfying not only children but also adults. Homemade hamburger steak had a solid taste of meat and it was very tasty.


And this is the popular side menu Tacos. I think that size is difficult to convey in this picture, it was a very big taco. Crisp crust tacos was a dish that can be deliciously eaten by children. Original tacos sauce is not too hot, you can enjoy the taste of tacos itself.

Restaurant Kuni information
Founded in 1992, it is a 26-year-old steakhouse and lobster popular specialty restaurant. That is the Restaurant Kuni. It seems that steak meat of different taste for each production area is tasting by all employees, from owner in 80’s to young staff. So we can taste a soft, delicious steak. The restaurant Kuni that continues to attract steaky Okinawa people. Please try it once.

  • Address: 〒
    904-2172 Awase 4-1-7, Okinawa city, Okinawa
  • Open: open 24 hours
  • Telephone: 098-939-9351
  • No regular holiday
  • Parking: There is a parking space in front of the restaurant
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~ 4,000 yen

The restaurant Kuni is here ↓

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