Exciting and volume-filled Jiro ramen is now available in Naha city! “Rekishiwokizame”

Plenty of vegetables on top of the mountain, tasty noodles that respond to eating, exciting garlic, and rich soup. Jiro ramen that created a passionate fan called Jirolian. Such an exciting and full-volume Jiro ramen is now available in Naha City. That’s Ramen Fan Club “Rekishiwokizame”. A popular Jiro ramen shop in Kansai has finally come to Okinawa. I have eaten that junk Jiro ramen that is exciting and addictive.

“Rekishiwokizame” is located in Matsuyama, Naha city. The appearance is like the photo above. When you enter the store, you can feel the scent of garlic and stimulate your appetite. There is a ticket machine on the right hand side as soon as you enter the store.

a ticket machine

Chopsticks, lotus, hand towels and water are self-service and are on the side of this ticket machine. When you pass the meal ticket, you will be asked about the volume of the noodles. The noodle volume is 300g for average, 200g for small, and 500g for large. This volume is the weight before it is boiled, so after they boil it up, it will be about 500g for average, about 800g for large. The volume is about 2.5 times that of ordinary ramen. I came to the store quite hungry, but as expected, I didn’t have the courage to order a large one. Order a normal volume and wait for a while. The Rekishiwokizame is a small store with 8 seats. The men were silently fighting with Jiro-style ramen.

The Rekishiwokizame is a small store with 8 seats

When the noodles are boiled, you will be asked about garlic, vegetable, oil burrs that are characteristic of Jiro ramen. I ordered more vegetable and garlic. This is the ramen of “Rekishiwokizame”.

the ramen of Rekishiwokizame

It looks like this from the side. The vegetable volume is amazing. This is a normal volume.

the ramen of Rekishiwokizame

There are plenty of oil on the top of the pile of vegetables, full of junk food. Thick bean sprouts, fat and rich pork bone soy soup, and thick noodles that satisfy eating. Jiro ramen. If you eat noodles and vegetables together, this is so delicious. This is full of Jiro-style ramen and junk food, and thick noodles will enter your stomach like an angry. There were also three large pig meat and I was able to eat with a lot of satisfaction until the end. I was really full after I finished eating. I didn’t have to eat dinner this day.

I went to eat “Shirunashi (no soup)” on another day. I think I can’t eat more once I leave the store, but after a while I want to eat again. This is the Shirunashi of Rekishiwokizame. Noodles were ordered with average volume and increased vegetable and garlic.


It looks like this from the side. As expected, the vegetable increased and the volume was so good.


There were plenty of garlic chips and pepper on top of the vegetable, full of junk food. The scent was appetizing. Eating was full of junk food. Garlic chips were still working. And the taste was also punchy and delicious ♪ Vegetable, thick noodles and garlic were all delicious Still, it’s still Jiro-style ramen, so when I finished eating, you was pretty full of stomach. I didn’t even need dinner on this day.

About “Rekishiwokizame

A long-awaited new store for Jiro-style ramen fans, “Rekishiwokizame”. Vegetable and garlic are abundant, and the ramen that is full of volume and calories is very satisfying. Since customer service is also polite, even family with children can enter the store with peace of mind. I wanted to go hungry again.

Rekishiwokizame is here ↓

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