Enjoy delicious Italian cuisine while watching the beautiful sunset on Senagajima POSILLIPO cucina meridionale

A beautiful setting sun in Okinawa, beautiful sea, and departure and arrival of a powerful plane. Then, while watching such a beautiful sunset, you can enjoy exquisite Italian cuisine in Senagajima island in Tomigusuku city, that is “POSILLIPO cucina meridionale”. It is an Italian restaurant located on the hill of the popular sightseeing spot in Okinawa, Senagajima Umikaji terrace. Simple is best You can enjoy South Italian cuisine at reasonable price. The view from the hill of Senagajima is also the best. Italian restaurant that is perfect for families or dating. This time I will introduce such POSILLIPO.

POSILLIPO is on the hill further above the Senagajima Umikaji terrace. As you walk towards the Senagajima Hotel, you see this entrance.

POSILLIO cucina meridionale entrance

The interior of POSILLIPO is bright and beautiful like this. This day was around 5 o’clock in the evening, so the sun was dazzling and I felt the inside of the restaurant was bright.

The interior of POSILLIPO

As expected it is a restaurant on the hill of Senagajima. The scenery from the terrace seating was quite refreshing. The wind from the sea was also pleasant. You can also see the plane departing and departing from Naha Airport.

The scenery from the terrace seating 2

The scenery from the terrace seating 3

The scenery from the terrace seating 4

The scenery from the terrace seating 1

Well, this is POSILLIPO’s drink menu. The cocktail menu is substantial. Cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails using fruits from Okinawa Prefecture are substantial. It is perfect for those who are not good at drinking or drivers.

POSILLIPO's drink menu

I ordered a cocktail using fruits from Okinawa Prefecture, “Okinawa passion fruit Sea Breeze” and “Shikuwasa Virgin Mojito” because it was impeccable.

Okinawa passion fruit Sea Breeze and Shikuwasa Virgin Mojito

“Okinawa passion fruit Sea Breeze” was a little funny. Grill alcoholic passion fruits with fire and drink in addition to cocktails. The refreshing fragrance of passion fruit further improved. “Shikuwasa Virgin Mojito” was also delicious, exquisitely matching Shikuwasa’s refreshing scent and mojito.

Well this is the food menu. There are lots of starters, pizzas, pasta, meat and fish dishes. I did not know what to order. First of all I ordered “Chef’s recommendation appetizer platter” and “Homemade bleozala of Iejima beef” as a menu suitable for drinking. I was looking forward to see what it tastes like.

Chef's recommendation appetizer platter

Homemade bleozala of Iejima beef width=

Assorted appetizers are three kinds, frit of squid, mozzarella cheese, quiche. It matched well with cocktail. “Homemade bleozala of Iejima beef” is a raw ham of beef carefully spending over half a month. The taste of the meat was rich and it went well with sake.

Next was the main dish. Pizza, pasta, fish dishes, etc. I got lost a bit, but this time we chose “Pasta minced octopus with basil and dried tomatoes” and “Okinawa tuna with Herb Bread of Bamboo Shoots”.

Pasta minced octopus with basil and dried tomatoes

Okinawa tuna with Herb Bread of Bamboo Shoots

“Okinawa tuna with Herb Bread of Bamboo Shoots” has a good scent of bamboo shoots and herbs, and it was considerably tasty to match with the rustic taste of Okinawa tuna. It was a dish that I ate for the first time. The combination of fish dish and bamboo shoot is suitable. Pasta is definitely a real Italian restaurant, it was delicious. The scent of olive oil intensified my appetite.

In the end I ordered a cocktail. Also ordered a cocktail using fruits from Okinawa Prefecture for the second time. “Capirosska of Shikuwasa and pineapple on Ogimi village” and “Okinawa passion fruit virgin frozen”. We enjoyed refreshing and fresh fruit cocktails and cuisine until the end.

Capirosska of Shikuwasa and pineapple on Ogimi village and Okinawa passion fruit virgin frozen

About Senagajima Umikaji terrace
Popular tourist attractions in Okinawa Senagajima Umikaji terrace. You can enjoy shopping and cooking at various shops while looking at the beautiful sea and sunset of Okinawa.

Senagajima Umikaji terrace

In the evening you can see a beautiful sunset.

a beautiful sunset

POSILLIPO cucina meridionale restaurant information
While enjoying the beautiful sea of Okinawa, you can enjoy authentic South Italian cuisine at reasonable price. That is POSILLIPO cucina meridionale. Because Senagajima Umikaji terrace has many shops, it is a spot of recommendation that you can enjoy the scenery, shopping and cooking. POSILLIPO also has plenty of non alcoholic cocktails, so it is perfect for those who are not good at drinking. If you want to enjoy scenic delicious food as well, it is a recommendation restaurant.

POSILLIPO cucina meridionale is here ↓

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