All-you-can-eat American pizza! Pizza in Okinawa in Chatan

Anybody knows in the local Chatan town, there is a pizza shop full of good old American atmosphere. That is Pizza in Okinawa. Of course the deliciousness of pizza is certain, but the interior that used the building from the American colonial era is like a restaurant an old American movie. So, of course, Of course, at reasonable prices, all you can eat, all you can drink, pizza, pasta, taco rice and soft drinks. It is a pizza restaurant recommended for adults and children.

Such Pizza in Okinawa is on the main road of Okinawa, along Route 58. Before the shop, the base of the US Air Force “Kadena Air Base”. That’s why there are so many Americans in the shop, it’s like having it really appeared in American movies. At lunch time, it is crowded with locals and American families.

Pizza in Okinawa's interior photo 1

Pizza in Okinawa's interior photo 2

Pizza in Okinawa's interior photo 3

There are 5 to 6 pizza available at all times. Since freshly baked pizza will be brought one after another, you can eat hot delicious pizza. All the pizza fabrics are handmade in the restaurant. Both Crispy Pizza and Bread Pizza can be enjoyed deliciously. All-you-can-eat pasta, taco rice, soup and curry besides pizza. So you can be satisfied with a small child who is not good at pizza.

All-you-can-eat pasta, taco rice, soup and curry besides pizza

The salad bar is also substantial. Recommendation is to eat salad with crisp bacon chips. Such a crunchy bacon tip is only in Pizza in Okinawa.

All-you-can-eat salad bar in Pizza in Okinawa

Now, I can eat pizza and pasta full of my stomach (I’m sorry a bit of pretty …). As the freshly baked pizza is brought in one after another, I replaced it many times. I enjoyed delicious coffee after lunch.

All-you-can-eat pasta, taco rice, soup and curry besides pizza 2

About Pizza in Okinawa
Pizza in Okinawa along national road 58, Okinawa’s main road. It is close to Chatan Mihama American Village and access is also good, so it is a pizza shop that I want you to visit for tourists as well. You can enjoy a delicious pizza and pasta in the shop in an atmosphere like American movies. I have been to the pizza shop since my childhood. Please eat American pizza in Okinawa.

  • Address :
    904-0115 368 Sunabe, Chatan-cho, Okinawa
  • Telephone : 098-936-7060
  • Holiday : None
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot in front of the shop
  • 11:00-22:00
  • Price : Adult ¥1,050, ¥900 (11-12 years old), ¥800 (9-10 years old), ¥700 (7-8 years old), ¥500 (4-6 years old)

Pizza in Okinawa is here ↓

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