The fresh tuna rice bowl the fisherman father got is good! Oyajinomaguro in Senagajima Umikaji terrace

Do you know that? Actually, Okinawa boasts the catch of the tuna is in Japan. A restaurant where you can eat fresh tuna-rice bowls that are not frozen is “Oyajinomaguro” (mean father’s tuna) in Senagajima Umikaji terrace. As you can imagine from the name of the shop, it is a restaurant where you can eat the fresh tuna rice bowl the fisher who is a seafarer has acquired. In other words, it is a restaurant baked directly by a fisherman. The son couple withdraws out the deliciousness and charm of the fresh tuna preeminent freshly picked up by father at Payao in the southern part of Okinawa and it provides the taste and charm. I will introduce such a tuna bowl of Oyajinomaguro.

Oyajinomaguro is in Senagajima Umikaji terrace. The shops are based on white. It is a really beautiful place if the weather is nice.

Senagajima Umikaji terrace

Oyajinomaguro is in the first floor part of the Umikaji terrace north. The inside of the shop is small with only a counter seat.

The inside of the shop

There is a terrace seat outside the store. The sea is right in front of you, I think that it feels good if the weather is nice. Well I guess summer is a bit hot.


This is the menu of Oyajinomaguro. After all we can not remove tuna bowl. And “Ahippoki Rice” which used plenty of pickled tuna and fresh vegetables in Okinawa looks delicious. When in doubt order two orders. Tuna bowl with fresh raw tuna. I looked forward to it.。

tuna bowl

This is Tuna Bowl (Large). Tunas are fresh and colors are very beautiful. It is tuna meat that unique raw fish tuna excellent in freshness. As expected it is only using the raw tuna caught in Okinawa near the sea. I put a little soy sauce and ate it. Fresh texture of tuna meat and a tasty flavor of tuna sashimi only spread in my mouth. Vinegared rice taste was also modest, it was a delicious tuna rice bowl that we can enjoy the refreshing taste of original raw tuna. It is a tuna fish that a fisherman father caught. There is no doubt that it is a pretty tasty tuna rice bowl

Ahippoki Rice

Next I tried Ahippoki rice with plenty of avocado and vegetables from Okinawa Prefecture and pickled tuna. I added eggs and soy sauce and it was tangled around. The texture of fresh vegetables and the taste of pickled tuna were well matched. Vegetables and pickled tuna were a good texture and my child also eats did not stop. It was tasty enough to understand even by children.

Wasabi oil

And I found something interesting in Oyajinomaguro. It is wasabi oil. The original wasabi oil of that name. When I tried to eat it with a small amount of tuna rice bowl and Ahippoki rice, the fragrance and pungent taste of wasabi spreads warmly. The pungent and aroma of quite solid wasabi join the tuna rice bowl, and you can enjoy a different flavor.

About Senagajima Umikaji terrace
A popular tourist attraction in Okinawa, Senagajima Umikaji terrace. Here you can enjoy shopping and cooking at various shops while watching the beautiful sea and sunset of Okinawa.

Senagajima Umikaji terrace

In the evening, we can see a pretty beautiful sunset.

In the evening, we can see a pretty beautiful sunset.

Oyajinomaguro shop information
A restaurant that son couple offer delicious tuna on a fresh tuna caught by the fishermen father, Oyajinomaguro. You can eat fresh and tasty tuna rice bowl while watching the beautiful sea in front of you. Limited quantity “Nakaochi don rice bowl” and “Udon” soup boiled luxuriously with the head of tuna seems to be delicious. I would like to eat when I go to Senagajima next time.

Oyajinomaguro is here ↓

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