If you want to eat delicious fish dish, recommend Oujima Seafood Restaurant

The island surrounded by beautiful sea, Okinawa. There is a wide variety of fish in the clear ocean of emerald blue. A fish inhabiting a subtropical ocean different from the mainland Japan. Of course, Okinawa has many delicious dishes using such diverse fish. When you want to eat good fish dishes, the restaurant of recommendation is “Oujima Seafood Restaurant” (Oujima Kaisanbutsu Shokudou). Take a fresh fish The dishes are outstanding, this time I will introduce the Oujima Seafood Restaurant.

Oujima Seafood Restaurant is about 30 minutes by car from Naha city. It is on a small island called Oujima in Nanjo City. Oujima is famous as an island where many fisherman live. Behinde of the Oujima Seafood Restaurant, it is a fishing port, so you can taste fresh fish (Imaiyu in the dialect of Okinawa) every day. Such an atmosphere in Oujima Seafood Restaurant is like this. It is a bright and clean shop.

an atmosphere in Oujima Seafood Restauran 1

an atmosphere in Oujima Seafood Restauran 2

It is a bright and clean restaurant. This is the menu of Oujima Seafood Restaurant. There are plenty of kinds of seafood dishes. I lost which to eat.

the menu of Oujima Seafood Restaurant 1

the menu of Oujima Seafood Restaurant 2

the menu of Oujima Seafood Restaurant 3

Since I wanted to taste the whole fish of Okinawa, I could not exclude “set meal of butter baked fish”. And I also want to eat Okinawa’s unique Squid ink soup. Seafood rice set with 10 types of seafood included. I ordered these three.

set meal of butter baked fish

This is a set meal of butter baked fish. Okinawa Prefecture Fish Gurukun is an exquisite set meal with one whole. When I ate a bite, I could feel it clearly delicious in the first mouth! The body of the fish was solid, and the taste was solid and it was pretty good! Since it was butter-baked after being fried at once, you can eat up to the head of the fish. Also this was also good! My child was also tasty, he ate more and more. This was exquisite.

set meal of squid ink soup

Next, set meal of squid ink soup. It was a black soup as you can see the thickness of squid ink. Of course, the taste was thick and the umami of the squid ink spreads in tmy mouth. It was a rich umami, but the aftertaste has no richness, it was a squid ink soup which was easy to drink very easily. Squid ink soup which is also nutritious tonic dish of Okinawa. This whole cup will make you feel all the internal organs of your body have become clean.

set meal of seafood bowl

And set meal of seafood bowl. Seafood bowl with 10 types of seafood included. It looks also beautiful. Of course sashimi was fresh and good! Vinegar was also not very strong vinegar, you can eat deliciously with children. It was a luxurious seafood bowl matched with taste of ten sashimi and tender sweetness of vinegared rice.

About Oujima Seafood Reestaurant
Ocean island, Oujima. At the fishing port is front of Oujima Seafood Restaurant, you can eat fresh fish dishes everyday taking advantage of its location. Beautiful Okinawa sea in front of the dining room. You can eat fish from this sea.

the fishing port is front of Oujima Seafood Restaurant

And next to the restaurant, Okinawa’s unique snack ‘Tempura’ is also sold. Fried tempura is soft and very delicious. I also bought it on my way home. I was full, but I tasted it better when I tried it in the car. It is cheap at 60 yen per piece, and it is very delicious, so I recommend this.

Tempura shop

The Oujima Seafood Restaurant is here ↓

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