Would you like to have a cold beer at Orushouten from noon in Hot Okinawa

Hot Okinawa from morning. When coming to Okinawa and going out for sightseeing from the morning, you will definitely want to drink cold beer around noon? You would like to make a toast with delicious beer, even from lunch to your trip to Okinawa. Popular tavern which is perfect for such a lunch drink is “OruShouten”. Because it is open from 11:30 in the morning, it is exactly right for lunch drinking! Hot summer, cold beer from lunch is awesome.

There is Orushouten near Makishi public market in Naha city. There are nearby Parlor Koyaji and Cafe bar verona, etc. There are pub and Izakaya that you can drink from noon. If it comes to that, you can also do ladder from lunch.

The interior of the Orushouten is like this. There are a lot of motifs of Showa taste and cats, and it calms down somehow. At this day I came around 2 o’clock in the weekday, but there were already two people of the female group. It is a good idea to have a lady even feel free to take a drink. There is a pretty cat manager in a shop. It was a quiet and cute cat.

The interior of the Orushouten

When you enter the store, first sit down at the counter and ask for beer. I think that it was good that I lived at this moment when I drink cold beer from lunch. There are plenty of kinds of knobs, beer, hoppy and high-snow are cold, so they will soak into the body. There is no more happiness that you can drink from a hot lunch day.

Beer and Knob

There are a variety of alcoholic drinks at Orushouten, as well as a menu of knobs that fits sake. The price is reasonable so you can drink easily from noon.

The drink menu of Orushouten

The food menu of Orushouten

Hot to go to Orushouten
Orushouten where you can deliciously drink cold beer from lunch. The Orushouten is in about 3 minutes on foot from Makishi public market. Please come to the Makishi public market first.

Makishi public market

As you walk down the road on the right from Makishi public market signs, you will see Uotomo. You can also eat 2 beers and sashimi from lunch at just 1,000 yen.

If you want to drink easily in the Makishi public market Uotomo recommend, Sashimi and 2 drinks in thousand yen

If you go further, you can see the road that turns to the left, but please do not mind and go straight ahead.

the road that turns to the left

As you proceed, you will see Orushouten. The entrance is on the left side of the Orushouten. Now, when you come this far, please enjoy delicious beer at Orushouten!

The entrance

  • Address:
    900-0014 2-11-5 Matsuo, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30~23:00
  • Telephone: 098-988-3774
  • Closed: Thursday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~ 2,000 yen

Orushouten is here ↓

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