Vegan, but their ramen and fried rice are amazingly good! Orange Restaurant in Kin town

Okinawans (Uchinanchu) love pork. But they also have a habit of eating vegetables. I found out that there is a vegan restaurant in Okinawa, which is beyond the level of vegetarianism. And even though it is a vegan restaurant, the ramen and fried rice are quite delicious. That’s “Vegan Restaurant Orange Shokudo” in Kin Town. I love pork, chicken, and yakiniku, but I was curious, so I went there one day to try it out.

Orange Shokudo is located in Shinkaichi, the central district of Kin Town. The exterior looked like it was under construction the day I went to eat, and as you can see in the photo above, there was no signboard. There was only an orange curtain hanging.

The interior of the restaurant has a handmade feel to it, and the walls are decorated with photos taken by the owner.

Inside the Vegan Restaurant Orange Shokudo

The menu of the Orange Shokudou is posted on the wall with pictures. The pictures of the dishes are included for easy understanding.

Vegan Restaurant Orange Shokudo Menu

As a vegan, what kind of flavor of ramen can I expect without using any animal products such as pork bones or fish meal? I knew I couldn’t miss the black sesame thick tantanmen. Since I was there with my kids, I also ordered the coconut milk Thai fried rice, which my kids love. We also added the meatless vegan dumplings. Now, I was looking forward to my first vegan meal to see how it tastes.

Black sesame thick tantanmen

Now, here’s a vegan noodle dish: “Black Sesame Thick Tantanmen”. This is a completely vegan tantanmen, without any minced meat, which was often used in tantanmen. First, I took a sip of the soup. The rich umami flavor spread in my mouth, which I could not believe it was completely vegetarian. The unique taste and flavor of black sesame seeds was utilized to create a very rich tasting soup. I was surprised to find out that they were able to create such a rich taste using only vegetables. It was perhaps even thicker than regular tantanmen. The noodle soup was as delicious as the rumors said it would be.

Coconut Milk Thai Fried Rice

Next was the “Coconut Milk Thai Fried Rice”. The bowl was beautiful. The fried rice was surrounded by coconut Thai style curry, and the dish smells delicious. I was surprised when I took a bite! It’s quite a delicious fried rice. It’s one of the best fried rice I’ve ever had. The coconut Thai-style curry was quite spicy, but it had a great flavor and went perfectly with the fried rice! It’s amazing that they were able to create this flavor with just vegetables.

Vegan dumplings

And this is the “Vegan Dumpling”. Of course, there was no meat at all in the filling of the dumpling, but rather ginger, chives, garlic, etc. The dumpling itself was quite refreshing. The gyoza itself was quite light in flavor, but the soup was mild and firm, making the dumplings very easy to eat. My kids seemed to like it and drank the vegan dumpling soup all the way through.

Black Sesame Ice Cream

Perhaps because my child was eating it so well, the owner gave us a gift of black sesame ice cream. The food was delicious all the way through. I was very surprised to find out that they serve such delicious dishes using only vegetables.

About Orange Shokudou

Orange Shokudo is probably the only restaurant in Okinawa Prefecture that serves vegan ramen. The owner met Sai Baba in a dream and decided to open a vegan restaurant. This is a great place for vegetable lovers and health-conscious people. Next to the restaurant is Kin Tacos, famous for its taco rice.

  • Address: Zip
    904-1201 Kin 4146-2, Kin town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30~15:00, 17:00~20:00
  • Telephone: 098-968-6091
  • Closed: No regular holidays
  • Parking: It is convenient to use the parking lot at Kin Active Park.
  • 予Price: 500 yen ~ 1,000 yen

The Orange Shokudo is here ↓

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