The rich Yokohama Iekei ramen you can enjoy even in Okinawa, Oozakura

Once you eat it becomes addictive, rich and umami strong ramen. That is the Yokohama Iekei ramen. Yokohama Iekei ramen which can not be forgotten easily once you eat it. There are many fans in Okinawa too. For those who like Yokohama Iekei ramen, I would like to recommend Ramen Oozakura. A popular shop which develops in Kanagawa Yokohama which is the home of Iekei ramen has also landed in Okinawa. I ate such a Iekei ramen and Tsukemen noodles, so I will introduce it to everyone.

Ramen Oozakura is in front of the general athletic park in Okinawa City. Parking lot is wide, and it is ramen shop which it is easy to enter even small children. There is a counter and a table seat in the shop. It is a secure space with an open kitchen.

Inside photo of Ramen Oozakura

The menu of ramen Oozakura is this. I was lost for what kind of ramen, but this time I ordered popular ramen noodles “Chattama Ramen”.

The menu of ramen Oozakura

When waiting for a while, “Chattama Ramen” arrives. It seems to be delicious as seaweed, a boiled egg and pig meat toppings are topped.

Chattama Ramen

First, I drunk a bite of soup. It was a soup with distinctive richness of rich pork and umami. A soup made with boiled pork bones and chicken stews for a long time hour is full of rich flavor and a delicious taste, I feel the taste of authentic Yokohama Iekei ramen just by drinking a bite. Although it was quite voluminous, it was the charm of Iekei ramen that we want to drink until the end of the soup. I enjoyed the taste of such Iekei ramen.

On another day I ate popular Tsukemen noodles.


Tsukemen soup is a refreshing soy sauce based fresh juice. Noodles are also perfect with volum, and it matches well for tsukemen soup. Tsukemen soup is easy to eat because it is not sticky, so even children can eat deliciously. Additional Tsukemen soup is rich pork bone soup. If you put in additional soup you can enjoy a different flavor. I got delicious Iekei ramen and tsukemen noodles.

Ramen Oozakura shop information
Even for a single person, even a family with small children you can eat delicious Iekei ramen slowly and with peace, ramen Oozakura. Ramen specialty stores are difficult to enter unexpectedly with children. But ramen Oozakura is different. Atmosphere that it is a specialty shop but at home. A rich Iekei ramen that you can enjoy in a beautiful restaurant in an open kitchen. Ramen favorite dad, mother, please enjoy it with all the family by all means.

Ramen Oozakura is here ↓

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