The meat-packed Okinawa soba are filling up with volume! Meat shop Nakamura

A long-established butcher’s shop, founded in 1968 and now in its 62nd year in business, serves up hearty Okinawa soba noodles with plenty of meat. Okinawa Soba, served by a long-established butcher’s shop, is quite famous in the local area, and the meat lovers will not be able to get enough of it. I also have a growing children who are a meat lover and gets hungry quickly. I went to Okinawa Soba for lunch with such children, which is full of meat.

Meat shop Nakamura is located in a residential area of Urasoe City, in a side street from Route 58. It is a little difficult to understand, so I recommend you to check the location on Google Map beforehand. The interior of the restaurant has the impression of a butcher’s shop or a small confectionery shop, and the atmosphere is homey and relaxing.

Photo of the meat shop Nakamura 1

Of course, this is a butcher shop, so naturally they also sell meat products.

Photo of the meat shop Nakamura 3

Photo of the meat shop Nakamura 2

Now, this is the menu of Meat shop Nakamura. This is a menu table with a handmade feel.

the menu of Meat shop Nakamura

When we come to Nakamura, the meat restaurant, we’ll want to eat the hearty Okinawa soba noodles. So I ordered the special soba without hesitation. The Okinawa soba noodles are filled with three of Okinawa’s most popular pork dishes: Soki, Sanmainiku and Tebichi. And five meals of bone broth for one day only. And I also ordered a special bowl of rice with plenty of meat.

Special soba

This is a special okinawa soba dish with a large amount of meat on top of it. It’s a powerful Okinawa soba that meat lovers can’t resist. You can’t see the buckwheat with the meat… The meat is very tender and the freshness is outstanding, probably because it is provided by a butcher shop. Tebich is a very tender meat with little fat. The soki and Sanmainiku are also well seasoned. This is a must have for any meat lover. And the soup is surprisingly refreshing. I thought it was a rich soup with this much meat, but it was surprisingly light in taste. The rich taste of the meat and the refreshing taste of the soup make this Okinawa soba an excellent dish.

bone broth

And this is the bone broth for a limited number of five meals a day. You can see at a glance that the meat here is full and full of volume. The meat in the bone is also very tender, and you can’t stop eating it. Hang in there and concentrate on eating the meat around the bones. This is also the appeal of bone broth. When I sipped the soup, it tasted so gentle that it was surprisingly good. The pork bone broth is, of course, thick, but it also has a hidden flavor of fragrant vegetables, so it has a mellow and gentle taste.

Special rice bowl

And this is the special rice bowl with plenty of meat. There is so much meat that you wonder if there is really rice. However, it is a little too full of volume. Normally, I would never leave rice behind, but the volume of the meat got the best of me. The meat we couldn’t finish was folded up and packed up to take home.

About Meat shop Nakamura

Established in 1968, the 62-year-old butcher’s shop serves up a hearty, meat-packed Okinawa soba. The fresh, high quality meat was very tender and tasty with no odor. The customer service is also cheerful and homey, so you can visit the store with your children at ease. If you’re a meat lover, give the special soba noodles a try at least once.

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