Let’s see the Okinawa beach from the sky, Motor paraglider [With videos]

Let's see the Okinawa beach from the sky, motor paraglider [With videos]
Okinawa’s sea is more than just enjoying swimming. You can also enjoy Okinawa sea from the sky. That is Motor paraglider! You can enjoy the beautiful sea of Okinawa from the sky by flying in the sky with feeling like a bird. Since the motor is attached to the paraglider, it can fly toward the sky from the coast. When you fly in the sky, everything is a beautiful sea of Okinawa! Moreover, it is almost a living body, so a sense of exhilaration is amazing! I feel more refreshing than a sense of fear. Such activities can be enjoyed in Okinawa.

Kuba beach in Nakagusuku village, Okinawa prefecture, I flew in the sky. It was a cloudy day on the day, but a pleasant wind was blowing and it was a perfect paraglider weather.

Kuba beach in Nakagusuku village, Okinawa prefecture, I flew in the sky

“Kuba beach” which actually fly motor paraglider is gathering place. When I arrived at the time in advance, I greeted staff and they began preparations quickly. I was inadvertently wearing sandals, but even in such a case the staff lent me the shoes and corresponded to the pleasantly. Keep valuables such as wallets and smartphones in front of the staff in advance. If you drop it from the sky, nobady can help it.

Preparation of motor paraglider

Now you can get ready and let the instructor explain. Let’s fly the sky of Okinawa soon!

Motor paraglider preparations to fly I jumped out with a motor paraglider

Then, please watch a movie from where I jumped out. The sound of the motor paraglider is a little big, but the altitude rises steadily. The world of altitude 100 m to 200 m in no time! I feltl like I was really a bird. Because it is a paraglider, I can feel the wind as a whole body.

Next, please take a look at the sea of Okinawa, which is about 200 meters above the sky. It is considerably high if it is over 200 meters. It was a feeling that I really became a bird. So, when I was actually flying, it was a wonder “amazing” rather than “scary”. It is a pity that the weather is cloudy. . .

Finally please watch the landing situation with a video. When he stop the motor, the altitude gradually decreases naturally. I could feel the natural wind of the sky in Okinawa that I can not usually feel. Even so, it is truly a professional instructor! He grabbed the wind of nature and landed at the point where staff was waiting.

Motor Paraglider information
This time I became indebted to “Blue Sky” who is offering motor paraglider activities on the main island of Okinawa. They offer a wide flight experience from 3 years old child to older one. The instructor seems to be acquiring qualifications and licenses for instructors such as Cessna, Helicopter, Hang Glider etc. Staff are also friendly and courteous and can be likable with correspondence. The price is 9,000 yen. I think that it is slightly expensive, but it is an experience that can only be done here. In addition to swimming, you can enjoy the Okinawa sea from the sky. When you come to Okinawa, please try it once. I think that it will be an unforgettable experience for the rest of your life.

  • Address :
    901-2401 Kuba 1943 Nakagusuku village Okinawa, Japan
  • Phone number:098-942-3600 Advance reservation is required
  • Business hour : 09:00-22:00
  • Noholiday
  • Price : 9,000 yen

The place I flew by the motor paraglider this time is here ↓

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