[Underwater video] Snorkeling Odo coast beach reef that gets deeper than 15m


Emerald green and cobalt blue meet, the boundary of the sea. The area at the boundary of the ocean where the water depth gets deeper than 10 meters is called a “Reef". Even from the sky or land, it change from emerald green to cobalt blue, so you can see it immediately. I swam around such a reef by snorkeling. The popular swimming beach “Odo Coast Beach". At low tide the depth of the water in the reef is shallow and it is a popular beach that you can safely swim even small children. I took a video of underwater by swimming around the reef of such a Odo coast beach. Please see the power around the reef where the water depth gets deep at once.

Let’s have a look at underwater videos around the reef of the Odo coast beach
First of all, please see underwater videos that are swimming around Odo Coast Reef actually rather than pictures than words. If you change from emerald green to cobalt blue and you feel a little bit deep water depth, I’m happy. However, I was shooting with my smartphone, so the picture quality is a bit coarse, but please understand.

How is it? Depth of water is deepening at a stretch. Quite a lot of tropical fish are swimming even if the water depth gets deeper. Relatively large fish such as butterflies and shima hagi swims swiftly. The interior of the Reef is relatively shallow with a depth of 1m – 4m and is calm, but as you go outside the Reef through a waterway, the state of the ocean changes. The water depth gets deeper than 15 m, and a rocky pillar is standing up from the ocean floor. The top of the rock is covered with a small table coral, and various fish swim over it. A sunny day is a ripple of light and a beautiful blue world that is dazzling. You can only hear the sound of the waves, you can swim indeed quiet and comfortable.

I recommend low tide when you will be swimming in the reef

When you swimming around the reef where the water depth gets deep at once, it is recommended when the current and slowly low tide. The flow around the reef where water depth goes down at once is easy to flow, and at high tide there is a wave and it is considerably dangerous. There is also the danger of being swept by waves and a danger of being hurt by the rocks and getting injured. By the way, the Odo Coast Beach at the low tide is like this.

the Odo Coast Beach at the low tide 2

the Odo Coast Beach at the low tide 1

By the way, when it is not low tide it is like this. Most rocks are hiding in the water. The reef I swam is the point where white waves stand. Apart from low tide, it is quite dangerous to swim because there are quite a few waves.

the Odo Coast Beach at not the low tide

How to go to Odo coast beach
Itoman City at the southern tip of Okinawa main island. When you drive by National Highway 331, you will see the sign for “Odo coast beach". Turn to the right of this “Odo Coast" sign and go along the path of the sugar cane field to the Odo coast beach shore.

the sign for Odo coast beach

There is a free parking lot on the Odo coast beach. Just because it is not so wide, it will be filled soon from morning on holidays during the summer vacation. In that case, there is only use of a charged parking lot located behind …

free parking lot

If you come to this place, it is a beautiful Odo coast beach. Let’s swim after all!

Odo coast beach

The place I swam is the area surrounded by the red line below. Clear days are really beautiful. Just when the wind is blowing, when there is a high tide there is a wave, swimming is a bit dangerous.

Satellite photos of Odo Coast beach

  • Address : 901-0334 Odo 243, Itoman city, Okinawa Japan
  • Parking : free parking
  • Good season : From the beginning of June to the end of September is recommended
  • Depth : 1m~4m (It depends on the flow of the tide)
  • Toilet : There is a free toilet in the parking lot
  • Shower : There is a 300 yen hot water showers near the beach
300 yen hot water showers near the beach

Odo coast beach is here ↓

Notes on swimming at Odo Coast Beach

Odo Coast beach is not a dangerous beach, but it is still a natural beach so there are notes I want to let you know in order to enjoy the sea of Okinawa safely. In order to enjoy the sea of Okinawa safely, please pay attention to the following points.

1. Let's prepare exercise

Feeling rises in the sea of Okinawa, you suddenly swim and your legs stick. Not only does this hurt, you feel quite dented. In order not to do so, let's get into the sea by doing a preparatory movement properly.

2. Attention to sunburn

The sunlight in Okinawa is quite amazing. The amount of ultraviolet rays is about ten times that of Japan main island! Swimming for 1 or 2 hours will pretty get sunburned. You can not prevent sunblocks alone. You can not be relieved even in a cloudy sky. As you are swimming, you are wet in the water, so you do not notice the burning on the sun. So I'd recommend swimming in clothes like Rush guards. It is stretchy and easy to move, it is perfect for swimming in the sea as it dries quickly. It also serves to prevent scratches. A woman makes it difficult to see the body line.

※If you click on the image you can buy it directly from Amazon Japan

3. Attention to scratches and cuts by coral

Odo Coast Beach is a natural beach, so coral reefs and rocks are natural as it is. So swimming may cause injuries such as scratches or cuts. Especially because the feet are easy to get hurt, I recommend you to wear Marine shoes and swim. Marine shoes are the best because sandals will take off. Since you can buy it at around 1,000 yen, please prepare for injury prevention.

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4. If not good at swimming and children should wear life jackets

The sea has high tide and low tide, depending on the time, the water depth is different even in the same place. At low tide, the water depth may be 1 m or less, but 2 m or more at high tide. Even at low tide, there are places where legs can not reach depending on the location. Even floating bags are okay, but Life jackets are the best to swim with tropical fish with underwater glasses on.

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5. If you want to shoot underwater videos with smartphones, there are items like this

The underwater videos introduced on this page were taken with a smartphone. I shot a normal smartphone with a Waterproof case. If you have a waterproof case like the picture below, everyone can easily shoot underwater videos. Because it can be used in the sea or in the pool, it is perfect for the summer leisure! However, in the water, the touch panel of the smartphone can not be used at all. This can not be helped. . . . As a precaution, you had better use waterproof tests with tissue before use.

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6. Attention to the flow of the tide

The sea repeats high tide from low tide to low tide from high tide at roughly 12 hour cycle. In the case of low tide from high tide the tide draws, so the water depth gradually becomes shallow. Just as seawater draws, it flows in a direction away from the coast. At high tide from low tide is the reverse flow. Tide forecast.com is good. The link destination is Naha's data, but the time of the tide level does not change so much depending on the location, so you recommend you check in advance.

7. There seems to be a shark in the offshore ahead of the reef

Apparently it seems that sharks are being witnessed occasionally off the reef destination. However, the range swimming in the reef has no danger at all. Please do not worry.

Shark attention sign

8. If you want to know more about the beautiful beaches of Okinawa, these books are recommended

I introduce the books that I actualy bought as reference. As for "Okinawa beach great 505", I often admire that he has studied only this much, and many beaches of Okinawa are introduced with photos. "Okinawa Snorkeling Guide" is featured 50 points carefully selected for beginners to enjoy. I also want to swim all seas. I will do my best to make it possible.

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Please be careful, safe and enjoy the Okinawa beach.