“Oden no Kintaro”, an izakaya with a wide variety of Okinawan dishes on the menu in Naha

Oden no Kintaro is a reasonably priced izakaya with a wide variety of Okinawan dishes and drinks on the menu in Matsuyama, a busy downtown area of Naha City. The izakaya has a retro look with stylish pop-up windows and a menu list, and the dishes served are all locally produced and consumed with a focus on safety. It is also an izakaya where you can find a variety of Okinawan dishes arranged with carefully selected ingredients. It is a perfect izakaya where even tourists visiting Okinawa for the first time can feel at ease.

One day in November, after the long period of Corona’s self-restraint had ended, I went to Naha for a drink for the first time in a long time. The restaurant is a bit small, but it is a cozy izakaya with a typical Okinawan.

Photo of the Oden no Kintaro store.

The restaurant has a nice atmosphere with Okinawan pop music playing in the background. And here’s the food menu of Oden no Kintaro that caught my attention.

Oden no Kintaro Cuisine Menu 1

Oden no Kintaro Cuisine Menu 2

Oden no Kintaro Cuisine Menu 4

Oden no Kintaro Cuisine Menu 3

The menu is quite extensive. It’s fun just looking at the pop-up menu. By the way, the drink menu is also rich in variety.

Oden no Kintaro Drink Menu 1

Oden no Kintaro Drink Menu 2

Oden no Kintaro Drink Menu 3

The drink menu also has a wide variety of drinks, making it hard to decide which one to choose. But to my delight, Oden no Kintaro has a two-hour all-you-can-drink package for 1,500 yen!

Oden no Kintaro All-You-Can-Drink Drink Menu

It’s been a while since I’ve been to an izakaya, and I wanted to drink as much as I could, so I didn’t hesitate to choose the two-hour all-you-can-drink option! And this is the first round of draft beer and appetizers.

draft beer and appetizers.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a draft beer, and it soaked into my body. I quickly drank it down and chose the first menu item while sipping my second beer. I knew I couldn’t miss the “Okinawa Brown Sugar Oden Plate” from the name of the restaurant.

Okinawa Brown Sugar Oden Plate

The hidden brown sugar adds a deep flavor and sweetness to this oden, which is a combination of the best of mainland and Okinawa. The broth was soaked in well, and the beer went well with it. The Tebichi were plump and very tasty. For my third drink, I changed it up a bit and ordered an Awamori highball! This also matched the taste of the oden.

Awamori highball and oden plate

Next to the oden, I ordered Kintaro’s specialty, fried chicken. There are two flavors, male and female, but this time I ordered the male flavor.

Highball and Deep Fried Chicken Male Flavor

It is indeed deep fried chicken, and it is deep fried with a strong garlic flavor. It goes well with both highballs and beer. Next, I ordered the Yamashiro Beef Meshi Mini, made with Okinawa’s brand beef, Yamashiro Beef.

Yamashiro Beef Meshi Mini and Umeshu Sour

When you put the pulled egg yolk on top, it’s just divine! The soft texture of the Yamashiro beef and the rich flavor of the egg yolk mixed with the rice and spread to my mouth. Yes, it was superb! With our stomachs settled, we decided to finish off our all-you-can-drink meal with a glass of Awamori on the rocks.

Awamori Rock

It had been a long time since I drank Awamori in a pub, and it slowly soaked into my body. Thank you for the food.

About Oden no Kintaro

“Oden no Kintaro” is a reasonably priced izakaya (Japanese style pub) with a wide variety of dishes, located in Matsuyama, a busy downtown area of Naha City. 1,500 yen for two hours of all-you-can-drink is a very reasonable price in Naha City. The waitstaff is very friendly, and even first-time visitors to Okinawa will feel at ease. If you are staying in Naha, please try it.

Oden no Kintaro is here ↓

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