Oden-no-Todai a long-established Oden bar in Sakaemachi Naha, you can relax with Okinawa Oden

People who know it, Okinawa local’s perfectionistic Oden bar. There are old-fashioned oden bar that have been loved by locals in Naha City for over 60 years since their establishment. “Oden-no-Toudai” that is near Sakaemachi public market. The delicious Okinawa Oden and the famous baked Tebichi, which have been used for a long time, have been used extensively since their foundation. I was enjoying delicious cuisine and beer at a long-established Oden bar where a relaxed time flows. If you drink in Sakaemachi, Oden-no-Toudai is recommended for the second and third dirinking bar.

Oden-no-Toudai is just a short walk from the Sakaemachi public market. Since it is located in about 7 to 8 minutes walking from monorail Asato station, it is possible for visitors to feel free to visit. By the way the signboard will not light up even if it opens. The ridiculous places around here are creating a relaxing atmosphere of Okinawa. It is a relaxing atmosphere like the bar came to relatives’ aunt’s house.

Inside photo of Oden-no-Toudai 1

Inside photo of Oden-no-Toudai 2

If you come to Oden-no-Toudai you will definitely want to eat specialty baked Tebichi (big 1,000 yen) and Oden-mori (1,000 yen). It is a masterpiece of Oden with its tasteful deep taste. There seems to be many regulars who frequently go for this purpose. Oden’s taste such as Tebichi and radish dyed with taste must match beer and awamori well.


baked Tebichi

Baked Tebichi is crispy baked leather, Soft pork. I was amazed by the texture and taste different from ordinary Tebichi. People who have not eaten Baked Tebichi n yet, I definitely want you to eat them.

Oden-no-Toudai shop information
Oden bar where many local people enjoy relaxing sake and Oden. It has been loved by locals for over 60 years. It is now a famous Oden bar in the Japan, but the taste of its exquisite oden does not change. Many locals drinking relaxedly alone, it is a good bar and easy to enter easily. Although opening is late as 21:30 minutes, it will soon be filled with regulars, so I recommend you visit earlier. And please try eating specialty baked Teibichi and Oden-mori. It is exquisite!

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