Nikuya, a restaurant where you can eat delicious Japanese beef Wagyu cheaply

Delicious Wagyu beef from Okinawa. The Nikuya is a restaurant in Yomitan village where you can eat delicious Japanese beef Wagyu cheaply and deliciously. You can eat fresh meat with a lot of volume because it is sent directly from the butchery shop. This time I will introduce “Nikuya” in Yomitan Village.

“Nikuya” is located along Okinawa’s Aorta National Route 58. Many Okinawans have seen the signboard in the photo above. The store looks like this.

Inside photo of Nikuya

This is the menu for “Nikuya”.

the menu for Nikuya 1

There is a large menu on the wall with photos. The menu with photos is easy to understand.

a large menu on the wall with photos

If you are new to the store, you want to eat the most popular menu in that store. That’s why I ordered a steak bowl set meal on this day. I was hungry so I ordered a big meat.

steak bowl set meal

First of all, I tried to eat steak bowl without sauce. The beef was very soft and juicy, and the more I chew, the more the meat juice was overflowed. This was a delicious steak bowl! A steak bowl made with Okinawan Wagyu beef and garlic soy sauce was the best match for rice. There were other seasonings on the table, so you can change the taste as you like. I ate with additional garlic and steak sauce. The pork soup had a lot of dashi and was delicious until the end.

other seasonings on the table

Another day I went to eat the No.2 popular Yakiniku set meal.

Yakiniku set meal

This was also a delicious meat with soft meat and the best seasoning for rice This price is good at this volume. And it’s delicious. I found a good restaurant.

About Nikuya

“Nikuya” is operated by the Okinawan brand beef, Ie beef group. In the store, you can eat a meal using Wagyu beef from Okinawa. In addition, there are beef soup, steak set meal, and Agu-soba using Agu pork. Ie beef steak is sold in the store, and if you pay Ie beef steak plus 200 yen, you can eat steak set meal. How about visiting once to use Route 58?

Ie beef steak is sold in the store

  • Address: Zip
    904-0303 Iramine 126, Yomitan village, Okinawa
  • Open 10:00~20:00
  • Telephone: 098-956-0290
  • Closed: Wednsday
  • Parking: Yes
  • Price: 510 yen ~ 2,040 yen

The Nikuya is here ↓

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