Collaboration of good meat and delicious sushi, Niku-sushi (meat sushi) in Naha city

If you want to eat good meat! If you also want to eat delicious sushi! In such a case, I recommend Niku sushi (meat sushi) that we can eat both good meat and sushi. Just as the store name, it is a izakaya where you can eat good meat sushi. I wanted to eat such a delicious meat sushi, I let my stomach empty and went to eat meat sushi.

The Niku sushi is in Kumoji area of Naha city. I felt the strength of meat sushi from the signboard of the shop. The interior is settled down at the counter and the table.

The inside photo of Niku sushi 2

The inside photo of Niku sushi 1

The menu of Niku sushi is like this. There are sushi of horse meat and beef. I wondered which meat sushi to eat.

The menu of Niku sushi

The drink menu of Niku sushi

First I ordered draft beer. The character of meat sushi on glass was good! It’s fun to hesitate what kind of meat sushi to eat while drinking beer.

draft beer

First of all I ordered “Assorted red meat sushi” and “Broiled meat sushi platter”, because I was wondering which meat sushi to eat. I was looking forward to seeing what kind of sushi, sushi of meat.

Assorted red meat sushi

This is “Assorted red meat sushi”. Two types of horse red meat, duck meat and roast beef. You can have red meat of horses, cows, ducks and three kinds of animals. It looks beautiful as expected. The color of red meat looked deliciously shining. When I eat a bite, the taste of red meat spreaded in my mouth. It exquisitely matches the deliciousness of the meat itself and Shari (sushi rice), that is the meat sushi! Because there is meat and rice, there is no reason not to match it. You can taste various red meats.

Broiled meat sushi platter

Next, “Broiled meat sushi platter”. It is rich in appearance as well. Wagyu Beef Trocharum, Engawa, Inari, Iberico Pig can be tasted at Sushi. Unlike red meat, the taste of the fat of meat also matches sushi. The garnish is casserotic gully, it is less pungent than ordinary gully, It was refreshed. It also matches well with meat sushi.

“Broiled meat sushi platter” is grilled at the store’s staff in front of you. The fragrance of baked meat will drift and stimulate appetite further.

Broiled meat sushi platter is grilled at the store's staff in front of me

After all, when you come to Niku sushi, you can not remove “Famous Sashitoro” in the end. please look. Meat that spread to this dish! I did not know how to eat. If you are a lady, this volume is about enough to fill your stomach.

Famous Sashitoro

I ordered “Horse ToruTaku” and “Yodare dori” as a knob to meet beer. The beer would advance.

Horse ToruTaku

Yodare dori

The Niku sushi has an oversized mug of beer. If you like beer please try it. If you compare it with 500 yen coin, you can see its size. It’s over 1 liter!

an oversized mug of beer

Both beer and meat sushi were delicious until the end. And at the end is “Tonight’s sweets”. I was already full.


About Niku sushi
At Niku sushi where you can eat safe and tasty meat sushi with its own low-temperature cooking method. You can taste the sushi collaboration with various animal meats such as beef, horsemeat, pork, duck meat. Because it is meat and rice, it can not be unmatched! If you want to eat good meat! If you want to eat delicious sushi! Please do go to eat meat sushi in such a case.

Omikuji is attached to chopsticks. The results of Omikuji are as you can see, but …

the omikuji and chopstick

The result of Omikuji

Niku sushi is here ↓

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