Pork cutlet and Soki soba are good with Aguu pig! Nangokutei in Yaese town

“We eat everything except pigs’ barks.” Okinawa citizen who likes pork like being told. After World War II, Agu, a pig inherent to Okinawa, was almost extinct for a while, but by farmers’ efforts in recent years, it has also increased in Okinawa Prefecture. Agu pork that has long been loved by Okinawa citizens. There is a restaurant where you can eat pork cutlet and Soki soba with such Agu. That is “Nangokutei” in Yaese town. Agu pigs raised carefully on their own farms are completely different from ordinary pork. I ate such an excellent pork cutlet and Soki soba.

Nangokutei is along the prefectural highway No.15 line. It is on a peaceful country road. As the appearance looks like a direct sales place for agricultural products, it is hard to notice the dining room. The interior of the restaurant is based on timber and it does not look like an Okinawa soba shop. The smell of the tree feels good.

The interior of Nangokutei 1

The interior of Nangokutei 2

This is a menu of Nangokutei. Indeed cooking with Agu is the center. Reasonable price is nice.

The menu of Nangokutei 1

The menu of Nangokutei 2

First of all, because I wanted to eat tongue of Agu pig firmly, I ordered “Agu cutlet set meal (large)”. How was it different from ordinary pork cutlet? I was looking forward to it.

Agu cutlet set meal (large)

This is Agu cutlet set meal (large). There are a lot of pork cutlet. 900 yen on this volume! It is a nice price. Well, let’s try a piece of pork cutlet. When I ate a bite, I will soon see the difference from ordinary pork. Pig fat was refreshing and so refreshing. Although it was fat of pigs, it was not greasy. Very refreshing fat, you can eat as much as you want. Taste and texture are quite different from ordinary pork cutlet. It was an elegant pork cutlet which was very refreshing. I understand why Agu pigs are popular. It was a set meal with plenty of pork cutlet, but I received a refreshing till the end.

Agu Soki soba (large)

On another day I came to eat Agu Soki soba. Pig meat with bones is big (laugh). But the meat was so soft that you can quickly get out of the bone. Of course, pork was very tasty because it wa Agu, after all fat is refreshing. Of course, the soup is also based on Agu pig juice, refreshing refined taste. Although it was a pork bone-based soup, it was a refreshing umami that surprisingly. After all Agu pig has a different taste than ordinary pig. It was delicious here till the end.

Nangokutei restaurant information
Nangokutei which raises Agu pig raised in private breeding facility and offers delicious pork cutlet and Soki soba. Once you eat Agu pig, you will soon see that it is completely different from ordinary pork. That gentle fat is refreshing so soft that it dissolves quickly even at room temperature. There are also dumplings and hamburgers using agout Agu pigs. If you would like to eat cheap and tasty Agu pigs, Nangokutei is recommended.

Agu lard

Homemade Agu lard were sold. Even though it is pig lard, it is liquid at room temperature. So fat is melting quickly in the mouth does not it? I have not seen such a lard.

Nangokutei is here ↓

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