Tebichi soba is excellent, “Nanbu soba” a famous shop ocated in Itoman City

Speaking of Okinawa soba, it is not just Soki soba. Okinawa prefecture’s favorite pork dish is used, Tebichi soba is exquisite. It is a famous restaurant in Itoman City “Nanbu soba”. Tebichi has plenty of collagen. It is deliciously eaten with Okinawa soba. If you eat, your skin will be clean ,,,,,, Maybe.

Nanbu soba is located in Itoman City, southern part of Okinawa Prefecture. It is a famous restaurant that has continued to offer delicious Okinawa soba in Itoman City for more than 30 years. The inside of the shop was a small shop unexpectedly at the counter and the couch.

Inside shop Nanbu soba

There are four types of menu of the Nanbu soba, Tebichi soba, Soki soba, Yushidoufu soba and Sanmainiku soba. There is also a set menu with juicy and zenzai sticks each soba. This time I ordered a set with juicy on the side of Tebichi soba. How about Yushidoufu soba? I was attracted by a little heart.

Menu table of Nanbu soba

Well, this is the Tebichi soba (large size) juicy set (980 yen) ordered.

Tebichi soba (large size) juicy set of Nanbu soba

After all the Tebichi looks delicious. Tebichi was well boiled, soft and pulpy and tasty. Both pig leather and cartilage are soft stewed. Among pork lovers Okinawa people, it is good taste of conviction. Tebichi seems to have a lot of fat, but because it is pretty boiled, there is little fat and it is unexpectedly refreshing. Bonito soup was also steadily coming out, it was quite rich though it was refreshing. It also matches the sweet seasoning of Tebichi. Noodles are thick noodles, so there is quite a lot of food response. Easy to eat with delicious gentle on the whole, it is tasty. I understand well the reason of the famous restaurant.

By the way, Soki is part of ribs of pig, Tebichi is pigfoot. Pork is a staple food of most Okinawan citizens. Okinawa people are preoccupied with pork, to say “They eat all pig but pig barking.” I received delicious Tebichi soba.

Nanbu soba information
“Nanbu soba” that has continued to offer delicious Okinawa soba for over 30 years. After going and eating actually, Tebichi soba was delicious after all. Because it can also ship nationwide, it is perfect for souvenirs.

ship nationwide of Nanbu soba

If you are sightseeing in the southern part of Okinawa, please also visit the Nanbu soba. The Kokutou Kinako Zenzai looked yummy as well. Let’s eat again in the summer.

  • Address :
    901-0364 Shiozaki-cho 3-2-2 Itoman-shi Okinawa, Japan
  • Open:11:00-17:00
  • Phone : 098-992-7711
  • Holiday : Tuesday
  • Parking lot: There are 7 to 8 parking spaces in front of the store
  • Price:700 yen ~ 1,080 yen

Nanbu soba is here ↓

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