Homemade delicious Yushi tofu set meals you can eat at Nanahoshi restaurant in Shuri Naha city

What is different from Japanese tofu is Okinawa shima-tofu. The reason why it can be used for stir-fry like Champloo is the hardness of the shima-tofu itself and the taste of the soybean flavor. Even after stir-frying, it does not collapse, and only the shima-tofu in Okinawa matches the unique ingredients like goya. There is a restaurant where such Okinawa shima-tofu is cheaply deliciously eaten. That is Nanahoshi shokudou. Every day you can eat delicious tofu dishes made in handmade homemade. A homey gentle taste that will make you want to go every day. This time I will introduce such Nanahoshi shokudou.

Nanahoshi shokudou is located in Shuri, Naha City. It is located near the monorail Shuri station and is easily accessible to those who visit Shuri Castle by sightseeing. It is perfect for lunch before sightseeing. The interior is like a fancy cafe. The atmosphere is different from the classic mass eateries often found in Okinawa.

Inside photo of Nanahoshi shokudou

This is the cafeteria menu. Unlike the atmosphere in the shop, the menu features classic dishes from Okinawa’s cafeteria. We are happy that all of them are cheap. As I wanted to check the taste of handmade tofu after all this time, I ordered the classic “Yushi tofu set meal” this time. I was looking forward to see what kind of tofu would come.

the cafeteria menu

Well waiting for a while, Yushi tofu set meal was delivered. From the large vessel, the fragrance of Yushi tofu was standing. My stomach rings.

 Yushi tofu set meal

First I ate a bite of Yushi tofu. I felt the tenderness of tofu itself as well as softness that is unique to Yushi tofu. Boiled soup base and tofu taste melted, finished in a very tasty flavor. It was gentle taste that I wanted to eat on the next day after drinking a lot of sake. Hot soybean curd was really soft and its taste was exceptional. As expected it was a homemade tofu eatery! I got to eat smoothly. Okazu can choose from pork eggs or chicken cutlets. This time I chose the pork egg of the classic lunch of Okinawa. Unexpectedly there was a volume, it became quite full of belly.

Nanahoshi shokudou restaurant information
The Nanahoshi shokudou is located between the monorail Shuri station and Shuri castle. It is about 3 minutes on foot from Shuri station so visitors can feel free to drop by. Cheap and tasty homemade tofu dishes are gentle family taste that makes you want to go every day. If you like tofu, visiting Shuri Castle by sightseeing, please go to the Nanahoshi shokudou for lunch. It will be full of cheap, gentle and tasty home-cooked meals.

Nanahosi shokudou is here ↓

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